1. Cyberghost

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is an upcoming open world first-person tactical shooter in development by CI Games. It is the third entry in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series and the first title to feature an AAA production effort. The game is set to be released worldwide for Microsoft Windows...
  2. abhidev

    For Honor

    FSHXXks53YY Multiplayer jgvXnDuvj-g In this fast-paced visceral melee combat experience you’ll carve a path of destruction through the chaos of a raging war as one of three great warrior legacies: bold Knights, brutal Vikings, or mysterious Samurai.
  3. kapilove77

    Shadow Warrior 2

    Humor in 1st one was good and now looking for this one. *www.youtube.com/watch?t=116&v=1-PfKun0R70
  4. quagmire

    Imagination dispatches Warrior CPU core to battle ARM and Intel

  5. 101gamzer

    Sniper:Ghost Warrior 2 PC

    Sniper:Ghost Warrior 2 PC coming this really soon this august 21 DELAYED Until October:shock: Developer City Interactive Publisher City Interactive Distributor EU Namco Bandai Games[1] Engine CryEngine 3 Genre FPS Release-date August 21 ,2012 When we here sniper we first...
  6. quan chi

    prince of persia warrior within.

    hi friends. well i am unable to get the original dvd of warrior within.i checked some shops but they dosent have its dvd. nextworld is selling this game at 650 something when its actual cost is 299. now does anybody knows where on mumbai i can get the original dvd of warrior within...
  7. codename_romeo

    POP4 : the warrior problem

    Hey guys I am not able to get past the Warrior in the very first encounter. I know i have to push him to the corner of the fertile land and then i must push him over to get past him. But the problem lies when i take him to the corner and after he seems to begin to fall ( when i am supposed to...
  8. Krazzy Warrior

    Noob in FPS Game -- Help

    Hello, Guys I have never played and FPS game..shock.:shock:.but please don't be..I am planning to have Counter Strike : Condition Zero game and obviously looking forward to play offline as well as online... i tried some hand in Doom:3 (my friend pc) but I am getting killed quickly..Can anyone...
  9. Krazzy Warrior

    Share Orkut Profile Here

    Mine:- Krazzy Warrior
  10. S

    POP:WW music plz?

    Hey, where can i get Prince of Persia Warrior Within Music for download?
  11. B

    Prince of Persia Warrior Within

    here i have prob i have killed priencess. now when i was returnin thinkin that i defeated DHAKA . suddenly i see dhaka comon to me i run and reach a chamber i see a tomb over there and a way as i go into the way dhaka comes and kills me. but when i am in the chamber i saw a door very up...
  12. A

    How to remove Comm Warrior in NOKIA 6600 Urgent ?

    Please tell me hoe to remove Comm Warrior from Nokia 6600. Please suggest a good anti virus for it. Can anyone give truetones on e-mail : principal97@rediffmail.com
  13. S

    Alert! Symbian virus. (COMM WARRIOR)

    hi, The (COMM WARRIOR) Virus for Symbian phones is spreading rapidly. i got a Comm Warrior Virus yesterday from a friend. Effects : the virus comes through a bluetooth connection or a MMS. YOU have to install the virus once ( that u will do it because it comes from your...
  14. R

    stuck in pop warrior within

    i am playing pop warrior within and i am stuck with crow master help plz
  15. U

    Prince Of Persia Warrior Within

    Hi friends, Can somebody please tell me hoe can i play or decode Prince Of Persia Warrior Within songs or music? tell me how to do it don't try to prove me that how bad is the music. Please tell me how to play or decode them. They are compressed in *.big files.
  16. ichirag

    Spyware Warrior: CounterSpy // Microsoft

    On Dec. 16, 2004 Microsoft announced that it had acquired GIANT Company. On Jan. 6, 2005 Microsoft announced the release of a public beta of Microsoft AntiSpyware, which is based on GIANT's old AntiSpyware product. CounterSpy another Antispyware is also using same DATABASE as MICROSOFT...
  17. M

    Prince Of Persia Warrior Within

    Hey Guys , do any of you know where the save game files of POP Warrior Within are stored. Thanks
  18. A

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

    The year is 2008. Citywide blackouts ... stock exchange sabotage … electronic hijacking of national defense systems...this is information warfare. To prevent these attacks, operatives must infiltrate deep into hostile territory and aggressively collect critical intelligence, closer than ever...
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