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  1. expertno.1

    free wap hosting

    any best wap hosting i want i dont like tagtag any other extra good
  2. P

    Mobile Virus!Help!

    Hi friends, I really need some help of yours. From a week, my LG G1600 mobile phone is acting wierd. Whenever i try to call a person, sometimes the phone hangs and i have to take out the battery and switch it on again to start it functioning. And it doesn't need any reason to hang. It hangs...
  3. R

    Req: Free Mobile Wallpapers and Ringtones Websites

    Hi, I took Hutuch GPRS to my mobile Nokia (3100).Can any one suggest free wap sites for downloading wallpapers,logos and Ringtones.Thanks in advance.
  4. expertno.1

    wap site downloader

    hey guys i know about many softwares which can download whole websites such as Offline eplorer and web stripper BUT is there any software wich can download WHOLE WAP SIRES(cards) using the internet on my pc ? well this is this possible coz we need such software which has inbuit...
  5. R

    Pls suggest good wap sites

    hi friends, please suggest me some good wap sites. Thanks.
  6. expertno.1

    how to view any website in wap ?

    how to view any website in wap ? there might be some servers which colud convert html into wap and send it . name those or tell a better alternate medium
  7. expertno.1

    can i open my gmail account in wap ??

    can i open my gmail account in wap ??
  8. rajeshjsl

    how can i run wap site in internet

    yes how
  9. rajeshjsl

    list me some useful wap sites

    i want some useful wap sites for free ringtones,games,java,wallpapers,etc please give me the best ones which are free
  10. pirates1323

    Browse Wap Sites in your PC, Notebook computer or pocket pc

    If u know then it is cool or already posted then I don't know.......... :D WinWAP for Windows WinWAP for Windows let's you use WAP services on your Windows PC. The WAP browser is a full mobile Internet browser that allows you to use the mobile Internet services you would use on your...
  11. bharathbala2003

    help me with wap

    hey guys i wanna make my site wap enabled and add ringtones to download using wap/gprs.. how can it b done.. i want it to b free
  12. bizzare_blue

    WAP sites

    Plz tell me some WAP sites from which i may download ringtones(poly) and wallpapers for free...
  13. bizzare_blue

    WAP sites

    Plz tell me some WAP sites from which i may download ringtones(poly) and wallpapers for free...
  14. H

    Any PHP programmers here ????

    i wanna start a project to make a wap website in php. any one wanna be a part of this project and give in some regular time and wanna promote the site. the site will be of the following category:- wallpapers ringtones application guestbook dating Place information (...
  15. A

    Samsung Codes

    *2767*688# = Unlocking Code *#8999*8378# = All in one Code *#4777*8665# = GPSR Tool *#8999*523# = LCD Brightness *#8999*3825523# = External Display *#8999*377# = Errors #*5737425# = Java Serial *#2255# = Call List #*536961# = Java Status Code #*536962# = Java Status Code #*536963# =...
  16. reddick

    Blank WAP sites on Airtel Live

    Hey all! I'm frm Punjab and have Airtel Live activated on my N7250i.As 'Airtel Live' homepage opens fine but whenever I tried 2 open other WAP sites,this error mesage appears,"No server access".But my frnd told me that it is possible to open other WAP sites and one can download cool stufff in...
  17. reddick

    Airtel Live...It seems to be DEAD

    Hey all, I got WAP activated on my N7250i but I'm not able 2 access it's WAP site!Whenever i try 2 visit Airtel home page,an error message appears on my screen : "You are not subscribed to GPRS" OR "No server access" Any body tell me wht 2 do???I contact CustomerCare several times but they...
  18. reddick

    FREE Stuff but All BLUFF

    Hey, It's a good news that HUTCH provides FREE Pictures and Tones 2 it's GPRS Subscribers :D I also have GPRS connection of HUTCH but it's been a week that I'm unable 2 run WAP on my 7250i.Whenever i try 2 connect an error message appears on screen,"Subscribe to GPRS first" :x But acc...
  19. D

    Need "4Channel" Polyphonics

    As most(& mine) NOKIA support 4-Channel polyphonics & most Poly tones on NET are Standard 16-Channel MIDI file, i need few HTTP sites which have 4-Channel Polyphonic Tones. Should be a HTTP site. Not WAP sites as I dont have WAP. Thanks.
  20. C

    Free WAP Site. Help needed.

    Hi! There, I am developing a WAP enabled site and wish to know any free WAP site, where I can upload and test my files using either mobile or emulators. Your help would be highly regarded. Regards, Nikhil
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