1. khmadhu

    share your WAP experiences

    Hi, recently i bought new nokia 5800, and now i want to have WAP service on that by activating GPRS. i am using idea. when i contacted CC they told that if i opt for any plan the data rate will be same (128 kbps). is this true..? that i can get 128kbps (i am planning for 49 rs monthly...
  2. H

    Pls help.Nokia E 63. No Wap? Can't connect to net!!

    Got myself a Nokia E 63 yesterday. Great phone. My mobile service provider is "Aircel" in Kolkata. In my previous phone SE 700 I, I could check my mails as well as surf the net. I requested the "Aircel" customer centre guys, to send me the GPRS settings today, but they said, that they have...
  3. pr.itdude

    wap browser on pc...!! help...!!

    hi frndz.... i searched a lot but not found any soln, so askin here... actually, i need a wap browser which run on my pc and i will be able to open wap sites on my pc (with pc's internet)..... ya i know, i can open all wap sites with opera but there is a specific problem : recently, i...
  4. quadroplex780

    How to access wap with Reliance sim on Sony ericson w200i?

    Hi I want to know how can I access wap on my Sony ericson w200i walkman phone with the reliance sim. I also want to know how can i access GPRS internet?? Any help is welcome:).
  5. mohitgiri

    i want to run wap sites in pc net browser

    hi friends is it possible that i can run wap sites in pc net browser plz tell me how could i do this regds
  6. Pearl Groupz

    Any one know How to open Wap Sites on PC??

    Any one know How to open Wap Sites on PC?? I want to download some thing from a wapsite directly to mine pc... is their any browser from which i will able to open wap site ?? That browser support Downloading?? Plz suggest me better..
  7. P

    how to create an wap site and host it for free

    can any body tell me how to create a wap wml site and host it for free. thanks in advance
  8. R

    Can a WAP mobile connect to my wifi network

    I got mobile which has bluetooth & wap can I connect my mobile via bluetooth or wap to my wifi network & share my internet connection(airtel broadband)? I want basically the internet sharing &wireless file transfer of image from my mobile. If possible how to do it?
  9. arunks

    Guys i m in roaming on my cellone prepaid no. and my wap is not working.plz help

    Hi... Yaar i m in roaming on my cellone prepaid no. which is of punjab circle and i m now in east and my wap is not working.plz help.. I tried using bsnlgprs and bsnlwap both...the response is "web:unknown response" only bsnlportal is working...but on bsnlportal only cellone.in...
  10. S

    Need a good wap site for 3gp videos

    Hello everyone. I a go search of a good wap site from where i can download funny mobile videos in 3gp format. please recommend only wap sites. thanks
  11. mavihs


    can u guys give me a site where i can reffere about c++ & get some solution. & i got this prob with some question i hav. if u guys can solve it or give a hint or anything. here it is:- 1) WAP to display th following format on the screen.(using loop) 1 1 2 1 2 3...
  12. P

    nokia 6085

    Hi, Iwould like to buy a nokia 6085. Please tell me if it can take good photo or can brouse wap in it
  13. P

    orkut on airtel wap

    hi, i have a nokia 6085.i also have airtel wap connection.Please tell me if i can get orkut in my mobile and if so how?
  14. A

    wap browser

    guys is there any wap browser that we can download on computer and can use it to open wap sites on computer.
  15. R

    Connect internet to mobile

    Is it possible to use internet on my computer to surf wap in my mobile without having GPRS.
  16. JamesTryForYou

    Pls name some WAP sites

    Hello guyz, can any one name some of the best WAP sites accessible through Airtel Live serivices.:D
  17. JamesTryForYou

    Hey wat are Wap sites.

    How can i access wap sites through my mobile...Yeah i do have GPRS enabled handset. Can i access through Airtel live service. Please do inform me about the same with more necessary information.:D
  18. panacea_amc

    WAP downloading problems!!

    I recently uploaded a ".jar" file(1.2MB) to a wap site = *www.david-pye.com/freewap/index.php after the upload was complete i used my FONE'S wap browser to download that file.....now my fone gives "too large file to download" error....now what should i do to get tht file in my fone thru...
  19. V

    Airtel GPRS

    hi frnds i have airtel GPRS but i need wap links if any one knows plz post here
  20. G

    helping out with sample programs in c++

    Anyone please, help me write these patterns in c++ 1. 1 212 32123 4321234 32123 212 1 2. 1 121 12321 1234321 3. WAP to find sum of digits of an integer and continue summing the digits till the last sum is single digit. 4. WAP to convert decimal number...
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