1. D

    urgent..router for home 4bhk

    TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Router is my previous router. Can't tell the exact model number but i was not getting range in adjacent room and few other areas due to wall may be. It has gone kaput now and I need one urgent. Suggest one which is stable and good through walls.
  2. amjath

    Need Expert advice on DIY for OPO

    Hi guys, Yesterday my OPO fell down on a busy street and ran over by truck, cars and bikes. The display is completely broken. I tried turning on after that but the phone is not vibrating. I took my device to service center today, but he said he tried changing teh battery and boot but no luck...
  3. V

    Need help with Logitech Z623......

    Hi Friends, Recently i bought a new pair of logitech z623. i need help with a small issue that i have noticed today. Suppose the power button on the right speaker is turned on and the power button on the wall socket to which the speakers are connected is turned off. Now if i turn on the...
  4. A

    Buying a New Router: Need Advice

    Hey Guys, I am in the market looking for an upgrade to my Belkin N150(Basic) router, here is the questionnaire 1. Budget : 3K MAX(NO mORE) 2. Primary Requirement : RANGE...RANGE....RANGE...., my old router cannot effectively penetrate through a single wall, so I need a router which can...
  5. B

    [Mobile phones] Unused micro USB cables & Wall chargers

    For Sale ! Callmate 2 in 1 micro USB cable & wall charger ~ 1 pcs Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Infibeam - Callmate micro USB cable & adapter Expected Price: SOLD Time of Purchase: 15/01/2013 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes/ 2 months...
  6. bajaj151

    Havells or Orien or others

    I want Pedestal fan for my room and wall fan for kitchen Budget : Max 5k Please suggest.
  7. windchimes

    Facebook and the nonsense called timeline

    Hi guys, I have never converted to the new timeline interface in Facebook and now it seems they are automatically converting my wall to timeline settings in a few days time.TFB is showing the new wall as a preview for 7 days and by the time I can edit the timeline the way I needed it seems. I...
  8. T

    Corsair CX430 v2 causing problem !!

    Hi guys, Recently I bought a Corsair CX430 v2 second hand at 1.8k. The PSU was 20 days old, in excellent condition, so I asked the seller the reason to sell it, he said that the PSU is not able to run his Geforce 560 Ti hawk, so he needed something better. This reason was satisfactory enough...
  9. bubusam13

    What is this dance move called ?

    Hi guyz, what is this dance move called where the performer slides his hand as if there is a wall or a mirror before him? You getting me right ?
  10. K

    Wall Mountable Monitors

    are there any wall mountable desktop monitors in the market with display size between 18-24in. (LCD/ LED), could you tell me if any product is avialable and cost of it
  11. kool

    How to update ur status via blackberry on any phone???

    Guys, Recently I've started using Statusvia - Funny Facebook and Twitter Update Status Application for updating my status & friend's wall by showing "VA BLACKBERRY". But it dont works for groups or page wall. How can i do that? Can i get BLACKBERRY/WINDOWS phone plugings for FIREFOX USER...
  12. avichandana20000

    Apc backups 650va problem

    Apc backups 650va problem...solved I have APC 650VA bought on feb,2010.It was working fine until.... yesterday when i plugged it in wall socket(usually it remains unplugged when not in use) and just when i press the wall socket switch a continuous transfer sound between AC &...
  13. buddyram

    Cool Catch!

    Toddler survives after getting stuck in between AC Unit & Building Wall! Cool catch Link
  14. A

    wall mount LED monitor

    hello digitians. Q1. I want 22-23" LED monitor with HDMI and wall mount option under 15k. My primary use is HD gaming. MY prefer brands with priority : 1. Samsung 2. LG 3. BENQ Also Q2. My friend has samsung b2033 monitor. it shows horizontal lines when working. what kind of...
  15. bajaj151

    Wall Mount Benq LCD

    I have Benq E2200HD LCD Monitor.I successfully removed the base and now want to attach it on Wall (with wooden base). What should be the height or viewing angle for perfect picture ??
  16. Artemis

    Need a 22/24” monitor with Wall Mount Feature

    I am planning to buy a new PC and will be buying a LCD monitor with it. My budget for the display is 8000. As I’ll be buying it from Ahmedabad the monitor should be easily available in the market and within the budget. Main usage will be HD movies, spreadsheet work, and browsing. Need...
  17. IronCruz

    UPS charging

    Im using APC Back-UPS RS 550 ups. So will it charge if I only plug ups to wall socket with ups power off, or should I turn ups power on?
  18. P

    trouble with connecting to the net

    recently i had installed pc tools fire wall later on when i had some trouble with it i uninstalled the same now the problem is the no other program is connecting to the net except for firefox(browser) which was allowed by the pctools fire wall how to solve the problem pl help
  19. R

    Wall Paper

    I am not able to set my wall paper on my desktop. Whenever I set a wall paper it disappears after few minutes and comes to blank. When I check the properties it always remain in 'none'. Please tell me how to solve this problem.
  20. raksrules

    Wall Paint Colour ??

    This may sound a bit wierd :-? We are planning a renovation of our house (painting etc) and i have decided to dedicate a wall in my living room for a Big LCD TV, and some other entertainment stuff (like PS3 etc). Although i have not bought any of those yet :D So i wanted to ask which colour...
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