1. raksrules

    Easiest way to Mod/Patch my SE w800i R1BC002

    Hi all I have a Sony Ericsson w800i with R1BC002 firmware. I want to mod / apply patches / customize my phone. I need to do it with minimum hassles and also ensure that my phone does not go Kaput if i mess up things. Any pointers in this regard will be appreciated. PS: I am aware about various...
  2. raksrules

    how to install *.vkp file patches on my SE w800i

    How do i install patches on my w800i cell phone ? I have a few *.vkp files. Also what if my phone dies after installing any patch or anything goes wrong ?
  3. raksrules

    Need opera mini signed version for w800i

    i need signed version of opera mini for my w800i. i already have the latest version installed but it is not a signed one. i Was not able to find on the opera mini website.
  4. raksrules

    w800i In-Ear Earphones !!!

    I need to buy new HPM-70 Earphones for my w800i. I know getting the original from Sony world would be expensive as well as tedious since most of the time they dont have stock. Actually i have Creative EP-630 that i am using with my current HPM-70. Can anyone suggest where can i buy a new HPM-70...
  5. raksrules

    Bug in SE w800i

    There seems to be a bug in SE w800i. Whenever i send a message to more than 1 people at a time and when i look into the message details in the sent folder for that message, i can see the names of all the people i have sent the message to. But after some time (say a day or two) only the first...
  6. raksrules

    Syncing SE w800i with iTunes

    How can i sync my w800i with iTunes ? I had read somewhere that it is possible to sync SE K750i with iTunes and the whole procedure was also mentioned and thus wanted to try the same with my w800i.
  7. raksrules

    Java Reminder Application ??

    Can anyone suggest me any Java Based Reminder application that i can install on my Sony Ericsson w800i ???
  8. A

    k750i to w800i

    hi guys i wanna flash my k750i to w800i.. the thing is i use gprs.. does the current settings work in the flashed phones? if not what shud i do? and please send me a link to proper guide.. thanks in advance
  9. G

    FS - k750i converted to W800i

    hey Guys ....... i wanna sell my SE K750i which i have converted into W800i............ it has a very good and loud sound as i have changed it sound drivers........... it is included with .... 1 gb of memory stick ... W810i Earphones ......... and lots of games in it ......... MAKE UR...
  10. S

    plz compare them all with +ve n -ve qualities

    nokia 6300 SE w700i SE w810i SE w800i SE k750I thanx
  11. S

    Converting SE K510i into W800i

    Can I update my K510i software with a soft. version that of W800i and get a look of W800i.If yes, How? How can I simply update my K510i software with a newer version(of same phone). Is there a great risk involved? I don't wnt to lose my phone. Please help me to update my phone securely with...
  12. ::cyborg::

    :::::::::::<<one Stop For K750i>> :::::::::::::

    HI guys this will help people who keep searching frorum to forum for their frequently asked question so i gathered all in a thread hope it will help u people USB drivers for k750/w800/w810 (PC) http://www.sonyericsson.com/downloads/W800_Signed_USB_Drivers.exe SEUS - Sony Ericsson...
  13. dinesh_mettur

    SE k750i to SE w800i???

    hi dudes am having SE k750i is it possible to change the firmware to w800i ??? if so tell me how to update the firmware from K750i to W 800i??? give me the link also
  14. soumya

    Walkman Player 2.0

    Is it possible to install Walkman Player 2.0 in W800i?
  15. soumya

    Converted my K750i to W800i by flashing, and it's worth it!!!

    Since K750i and W800i have the same hardware, u can easily convert it to W800i. The main difference is that when you start the phone, you get an option to start the phone in normal or music mode. And most importantly you get the much advanced WALKMAN media player and even your sound quality...
  16. M

    how to increase sound of k750i

    I have k750i but sound of my mobile isn't like w550i or w800i :( can anyone telll me how can i increase volume of k750i
  17. M

    Sony Ericsson W800i help

    Hi guys My friend has got a w800i model . But he doesnt know how to play videos on it . 3gpo movies are playing fine but formats like avi , mpg , divx are not getting played . Is there any software needed to play them . And btw is it a symbian phone and if so , how can we install any software...
  18. naveen_reloaded

    k750i >>>> W800i

    i got this info from other site... Check your firmware version : >*<<*<* worth sharing with u all Download The file and flash http://www.adamnguyen.com/k750/W800i_R1K001.rar W800i_FS_R1K001_EMEA5_EN_AR_HE_RU_FR_FA.DVT W800i_MAIN_R1K001_EU_EMEA_US.DVT if any doubt post here .....
  19. pickster

    Difference between W800i & K750i

    I was thinking what's the difference between Sony-Ericsson W800i & K750i? Is it just the Walkman branding, body colour, the button over the joystick? And is the increased price of W800i justified?
  20. D

    Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman Phone Review

    Change is the law of life alright, and if you thought clamshell phones are the things in cool cellphones, then you probably just missed the bus. Say hello to swivel phones and a bigger hello to the SE W550i. Looks and Design The design is a marriage of the W800i and the swivel screen...
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