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Hi guys
My friend has got a w800i model . But he doesnt know how to play videos on it . 3gpo movies are playing fine but formats like avi , mpg , divx are not getting played . Is there any software needed to play them . And btw is it a symbian phone and if so , how can we install any software like fe explorer on it ....

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its .3gp and to run those avi,dat,mpg videos u need extra softwares wich r not available on SE


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Sorry buddy!!! Non symbian phones are too dumb....
I mean u wont get any sort of sw for doin that.. because there are'nt any!!!
try convertin the video stuff to *.3gp format..


W800i is a non-symbian phone.. It can play only 3gp videos. So try converting other video formats to .3gp on your PC using softwares like Nokia multimedia converter (available for download free.. google it) and then transfer it to your mobile. Softwares cannot be installed..only java applications can be. You can get java applications at sites like, but these applications are really pathetic. You can do nothing special using these..


It can play MP4 videos. Google to find tools to convert avi, mpeg clips to MP4 format and then play them on the W800i
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