1. coolendra

    All w800i queries here !!!!!!!!!!

    Well. guys..... jst got my hands on this beauty......(w800i ofcourse !!!!!) i have some queries for u ppl to solve.... 1. Whc filetypes can i play in audio & video ??? ) 2. What is the exact procedure to stop a song in the mp3 player mode. coz when in the next time i play it starts from...
  2. B

    SE w800i - increase messaging space somehow

    hi guys i own a SE W800i everythiong's extremely good but now im getting short of the messaging space is there some way to increase the msging space provided in the fone plzzzzzz somehow it has a 512mb card but msging space is nearly 180 msgs[approx]
  3. sandeepthapa31

    Possibility to listen MP3 through Bluetooth (W800i)

    Dear All, Could any body tell me is there a possibility to listen MP3 tracks through bluetooth, I own W800i. The reason being I recently lost my head phones of SE w800i. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. moshel

    W800i or W550i

    Hi guys i need a suggestion, see i have round about 13k to spend on new mobile, in that range i can either buy a new W550i or a second hand W800i, i read reviews for both but cant decide on which one to go for Why i would like to buy W550i? +Great loudspeaker for hearing loud music - no...
  5. prankie

    .sis files on w800i??

    i recently bought se w800i. does .sis files run on it??
  6. H

    Sony W800i and K750i

    Hi, Whats the difference between the upcoming SONY W800i and K750i, both have the same features and dimensions except for the outer looks of the phone... I heard that there is a audio line out jack with the w800i to connect with external Hi-Fi or speaker systems .,,,is this available with...
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