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8 months old W700i for sale

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Sorry,wat about 6k wit the shippin included.Brand new phones jus 10k correct me if i am wrong.1 gb card brand new 0.7k.Ur phones not exactly brand new 8 months.Can u post the pics would be much better.


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For 7K with 1GB including shipping with orginal cable, headphone etc. I am interested, I am locate in Karnataka, sms on 9448248074


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yaar 6k widout memory card to subiksha mobile stores pe bhi mil jayenge... their chain buys 1yr old fones at 60%.. so if its 10k now, u wil easily get 6k


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esumitkumar said:
still it will be only phone 's back pic LOL :D :D :D

Use mirror in both side of you hand holding phone and click :p
do not forget to adjust one mirror so it will snap front side of phone too.

let's go to local shop and he will esily give you 6k for 8 month old phone.


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entrana said:
just look up the pics in the net
and if it has scratches u can sue him

If it's joke of the day :D

else :mad:

Lwayer ask Rs.5000/- to take charge of case.


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sue me..hahaha..arre bhai logo..angreji movies dekhke tumhare dimag pe amrika ka bhoot savaar ho gaya hai :D :D :D ..ye amrika nahin INDIA hai...


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uhhhh im out of ideas if u cant sue him and send a chocolate bomb hmmm. how bout sending the al qaeda at his house
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