1. meetdilip

    HDD replacment for Dell Vostro 3550 laptop

    Hi, Need some help with 500 GB HDD replacement for Dell Vostro 3550. How long does Seagate give warranty ? Dell supports only 1 year warranty. But what if we go directly to Seagate for replacement ? Possible ? Also, can I purchace one directly from Seagate ? Also help me out with other...
  2. M

    Battery for Dell Vostro

    My Dell vostro battery is damaged.Don't want to buy a new Dell branded one since its costly and does not last much.Please suggest me a good battery brand that is reliable and has value for money.
  3. J

    Dell vostro 2520 vs lenovo G580(i5/4gb)

    I am confused between these two laptops(Dell vostro 2520 and lenovo G580). Lenovo G580-59-358263 Laptop (Intel Core i5 3230M- 4GB RAM- 500GB HDD- DOS- Intel HD Graphics 4000) (Dark Brown Metal) - Buy Online @ Best Price | Snapdeal.com Dell Vostro 2520 Core i5 3rd Gen, /4GB /500GB / DOS/...
  4. T

    Connecting Laptop to Flat TV

    Laptop: Dell Vostro 1400, TV: LG Flat TV. What is needed to connect the two & what are the things that I can do by connecting the two?
  5. J

    Laptop to run Matlab

    Dear Mods and fellow members, I am looking for a New laptop for my sis, She is doing her Masters in engineering and will be using the lap mostly for running some applications like matlab and for presentations. Our maximum budget is 40k. I have shortlisted DELL VOSTRO 2520 and WIPRO ego...
  6. nac

    (Urgent) Lappy for 35k

    It's for my friend. He has chosen Dell Vostro 1550 but I asked him to wait for few days saying I will open a thread asking if there is any better model in this price. 1. Budget - 35k 2. 15-16" size 3. No brand preference 4. Mainly for home use, so primary tasks are just "general" 5. Maximum...
  7. P

    Dell Vostro 1550 or Asus P53E-S0101D?

    Hi, I am confused between these 2 laptops, the config for both are same: i5 4gb RAM, 500gb HDD, no graphic card I don have any gaming requirements I am currently inclined to buy Dell Vostro but am still confused...plz help me out.. Also, can someone tell me how is the track pad of Dell...
  8. Terabyte

    Laptop under 35k

    Budget : 35k Requirements : Basic needs - browsing, document editing, no gaming Is this a good deal -> Dell Vostro 1550 @ Rs. 35802 Any better deal than this for the budget? Thanks!
  9. G

    New laptop Suggestion

    Hey guys, I want to buy a Dell laptop, Core i5 500 gb HD, 4gb ram, 1gb nvidia graphics. I went to many shops and the price range is about almost same. Mac Plus System is giving inspiron 15r for 31k and vostro for 28k Dynamic Computers is giving inspiron for 26.5k and vostro for 26k...
  10. aQi_g

    Windows Xp 32 Bit Drivers for DELL VOSTRO 1540 Laptop

    Hi, I have a DELL VOSTRO 1540 Laptop, i have installed windows xp 32 bit on it. I need the required drivers (sound,display,network Bluetooth etc ) for it. Please do the needful and provide me the same. Regards
  11. I


    Hp Pavillion DV6 - 6140TX Proc: i7 4GB RAM 650 GB HD 15.6" monitor ATI Radeon Graphics with 1GB memory. 1yr waranty Price @CROMA: Rs 50,999/- Dell Vostro 3550 (Vostro 3550 Series) Processor: Intel Core i7 2620M Graphics Adapter: AMD Radeon HD 6630M 1024 MB Display: 15.6 inch, 16:9, 1366x768...
  12. K

    Help me choosing a laptop ! Budget 40 k max !

    Hi guyz ! I am karthik from chennai, India, an IT pro. I am planning to buy a laptop with a max budget of 40 k.(35k will be very good). My constraints are, Minimum core i3 processor Dedicated graphics card to play 2009-2010 in atleast medium settings 4 gb ram very good display(The most...
  13. S

    Choosing a lapi

    Hi, please help me in selection of my first laptop. I want a light wt.(~ 2kg I have to take it out with me occupationally not daily like those IT guys ) speedy (i3 or i5 more is merrier) with HDMI (must to see movies on my tv.Mac dont have one but converter dongle may be found in the market I...
  14. rahul2002

    Dekll vostro

    Hi, I want to buy the dell vostro 3750 with the i7 2630qm processor. Can anyone tell me where i can buy it???
  15. speedyguy

    windows xp in latest dell inspiron laptops

    im about to buy a new laptop. i have options from vostro and inspiron series.... which one should i opt for....within budget 36-37k my needs are basic... normal home user. and is it true that a 64bit inspiron series (like 14r etc) cannot install windows xp. if i can do we have drivers...
  16. S

    chromium os

    Dear Sir, Can I use the Chromium Os in my laptop? Its a Dell Vostro A847.
  17. H

    dell xps 15 vs dell vostro 3750

    My primary requirements are programming, running virtual machine(1 or 2) for testing code, entertainment(movies, music also should support hd videos), video editing and maybe some games at low-medium settings(games are lowest priority). So please suggest which one should I buy dell xps 15 or...
  18. K

    Dell Vostro V130

    The new dell Vostro V130 looks very good. However i dont have much on its performance. Please give more info on this readers. And if the laptop is configured with the core I5 it offers, with linux os and 500gb of sata hard disk- how much do you think it might cost??
  19. banskt

    Dell Inspiron 14R

    Hi, I am looking for a new laptop for my friend. He never ever plays any game. not even Farmville. But, he watches a hell lot of movies, HD 720p and 1080p alike... I was looking at the Dell Vostro 3400 and the Dell Inspiron 14R models. Inspiron 14R - Rs. 40,111 a) i5-460M b) 4GB...
  20. G

    Dell vostro 3700

    Hello, to all of you.I want to buy DELL VOSTRO 3700 LAPTOP.It's a Business series Laptop.Can any one tell me more about this Laptop? like its pros and cons etc.Thank you for reading this post. Regards, GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
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