HDD replacment for Dell Vostro 3550 laptop


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Need some help with 500 GB HDD replacement for Dell Vostro 3550. How long does Seagate give warranty ? Dell supports only 1 year warranty. But what if we go directly to Seagate for replacement ? Possible ? Also, can I purchace one directly from Seagate ? Also help me out with other possible options.



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It's wise & better to contact DELL customer care or service center.
Even if you could make a purchase from Seagate for a notebook hard drive,you get only the warranty from Seagate that too only for its HDD.Your DELL VOSTRO'S
warranty might be rendered null & void.


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you can replace it yourself after watching some youtube videos,it is quite easy in most laptops to replace hdd.oem warranty is different from retail warranty & is always less.if you take your hdd directly to seagate they will know it came with dell laptop from its serial no. & hence the 1 yr oem warranty not retail warranty will apply.if you go to some laptop repairing shop with hdd already bought(i suggest this as repair shops usually charge premium for any part they buy) & tell them to replace old with new one they will usually charge you ~750.i suggest you to watch some videos first & if you still feel the need to go to repair shop then go ahead but keep your laptop in front of you all the time as replacing hdd is not a procedure that requires taking it to some other place/workshop.


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Thank you [MENTION=126812]whitestar_999[/MENTION]. I am having trouble identifying the model no.
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