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Laptop to run Matlab


Right off the assembly line
Dear Mods and fellow members,

I am looking for a New laptop for my sis, She is doing her Masters in engineering and will be using the lap mostly for running some applications like matlab and for presentations. Our maximum budget is 40k. I have shortlisted DELL VOSTRO 2520 and WIPRO ego 4710C-0030 ("http://www.flipkart.com/computers/compare?ids=COMDGSZAUFHNHGSD,COMDHFSA7VSHACUJ"). Can any one help me to choose the best option?

If u people have any other recommended models, please tell me that too...

Thanking you in advance,

Jithumon Jose
Max budget of 40k, then check these...

Core i5 has better performance than AMD A10, but that AMD laptop has a GPU, which makes it an overall better choice
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if u ask me both are good in terms of girls usage, she's not gonna be involved in highly level gaming obviously so no need of the graphics to be better but when it comes to applications like matlab pspice and vdsp the processor is an important thing, for matlab the processor is ok but their are softwares bigger than matlabs which will slowdown your system for sure !!!!


Right off the assembly line
Thank you Mr. Anupam and Mr. Ravi.

Still i am confused between Dell Vostro and Wipro ego... please help me to choose... Anybody using ego here?? I am using dell vostro and I am satisfied, But what makes ego attractive is lesser price and the fact that wipro is a Indian company.
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