1. patkim

    Are VoIP ports blocked by ISP in India?

    I need some clarification when it comes to VOIP. I read somewhere that many ISPs in India block VOIP Ports. Is this true and if yes which services or features get affected? Does any and every voice communication over internet falls under VOIP being blocked or when we say VOIP is blocked it...
  2. B

    Airtel drops plans to charge extra for internet voice calls

    news from The Hindu Buckling under pressure, leading telecom player Bharti Airtel has dropped its plans to charge extra for internet voice calls or VoIP service available through apps like Skype and Viber. “In view of the news reports that a consultation paper will be issued shortly by...
  3. lywyre

    Airtel to charge for VoIP calls

    Airtel will now be charging for voice calls made over its 2G or 3G network. This basically includes calls made using services such as Skype, Viber, and Google Hangouts, among others. The VoIP data will be charged separately and won't be part of our existing data pack. More at Source: GSMArena...
  4. R

    VOIP for BlackBerry: help needed

    Hello all TDF members. I have a BB 9500 storm. Right now I am out of India and my phone bills are astronomical due to high call rates. I have tried mobile voip and ivoip dialers and the sort. But none of them work with BB data plans. Can you guys help me here? I need a voip dialer that works...
  5. sujeet2555

    what is a voip adsl+ modem ?

    what is a voip adsl+ modem like "TP-LINK 300 Mbps Wireless N VoIP ADSL2+ Modem" . i use skype but i have no clue about voip adsl modem. BTW i use bsnl broadband.
  6. RCuber

    Need Headsets for Voip and Gaming

    I need a pair of headsets for skype calls (Office) and also gaming/Movies/Music(Home). Was thinking of Corsair Vengeance 1300 but im a bit confused. I can take a cheap ones for voip and can invest heavily on headphones on other use. 8K max . Please recommend only headphones with Analog...
  7. R

    headphone with mic for VoIP within 500

    Hi , Please suggest me a good headphone with mic mainly to be used for VoIP within 500 bucks? Thx in advance
  8. P

    voip phone service

    VoIP thesis Intro ..... Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and a newset of applications that lets you make phone calls through an Internet connection to broadband. VoIP phone service can be used to call any phone anywhere in the world. No matter if the person who called VoIP or not,everything...
  9. choudang

    VoIP & 3G

    Guys .. need a suggestion 1. Suggest a cheap VoIP provider (for Cell Phone) 2. Suggest a 3G phone with video calling (brand is not matter, just for video call, my dad has just bot a nokia 3g (forgot model name) which does not have video calling, its only 3G for browsing), should not be a...
  10. C

    VOIP? What does it mean? Any reviews for Pulse Telecom?

    I have recently received a telemarketing phone call from a lady who stated she works for Pulse Telecom, a new phone company on the market. She also said they have low rates to call Europe and a very good connection by VOIP (Internet). The conversation was in may native language which is...
  11. anish_sha

    Cheapest Voip to UAE ,Aus

    Can anyone let me know which is the cheapest VOIP available to call UAE and Aus?( both landline and mobile ) with good quality, alos i dont have a credit card , i do have an ICICI internet banking for the payment.... pls help me out.....
  12. R

    VOIP phones

    Can you suggest some good voip cheap phones to call within india. unlimited talking.
  13. veddotcom

    Calling in India From India Through VOIP is Legal or Illegal?

    There are various Websites Providing Free Sample Minutes Calling Worldwide(Including INDIA) from INDIA, Are They 100% Legal? Since TRAI Don't Allowed VOIP Service in INDIA as Yet (I GUESS). So Let me know Calling in India by Using Such Websites are Fine or SHould I STOP.
  14. shaunak

    How does one get spam SMS's to stop?

    I keep receiving spam SMSes from some guy trying to sell slim sauna belts and other junk. Any idea how I can get it to stop? Can I complaint to some authority? The SMSes arrive from the number: 9918005540 This obviously has to be a VOIP switch. Any idea who hosts this? I could try...
  15. piyushp_20

    PC-to-Phone VoIP calls

    hey guys i was planning to build my own setup with which i can make PC to phone calls.... i dont want to signup to any VoIP provider can anyone here plz tell me what basic equipments and softwares would i need...
  16. raksrules

    Minimum net speed reqd for making Voip calls ??

    Please let me know what is the minimum internet connection speed required for making Voip calls ?
  17. 4

    Good mobile network platform for startup

    I’m bringing together a group of freelance/1099 people for a marketing startup. Everyone has separate offices, cellphones, and locations. I am trying to find the best way to tie us all together, virtually. I’ve looked at some VoIP video conferencing options, but they seem a bit much for our...
  18. tanush_89

    Free Std Calls Anyone ???

    Is There Any Way To Make Free Std/isd Calls Free Using Voip?? I Heard Its Possible.... Plz Tell Me... As Soon As Possible..
  19. Gigacore

    Beware Yahoo Personals’ deceptive billing policy

    You might be wondering what a post like this is doing on a blog largely about VoIP, but bear with me. To some extent, this post is about VoIP. And athough I try not to air my consumer grievances here, I am writing this post to warn you about a practice that your knowledge of can save you some...
  20. Cool G5

    VOIP software for mobile

    I want a software by which we can call for free using GPRS on mobile.I mean VOIP software. Also plz suggest for both s60 v2 & java OS,coz my friend uses K750i & i use 3230.
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