1. faraaz

    Broadband connection in Switzerland

    I'm being offered a 10000 Kbps connection for around 65 swiss francs a month (2275 rupees/month) with unlimited upload/download. If I take it, I also get a VoIP landline with free internet calling facility... What do you guys think?? Worthwhile?? Here's link...
  2. Ankur Gupta

    MTNL Launches VoIP Service

    MTNL has joined the race to provide VoIP service which seems to be the future of telephony... Check out the details here Tariffs seem reasonable... Check out some FAQs here
  3. entrana


    Hey guys im sure u have heard of VoIP. It Means Voice over Internet Protocol. Its actually used to call all around the world in low rates. All u need is a headset and a credit card. I use JustVoip cuz i found its the cheapest so ill just review it. Justvoip Download-...
  4. RCuber

    [Query] VOIP Phone/Internet Connection

    One of my friend wants to install a VOIP phone at his home, they donot have a access to a PC. He said his cousine will be sending a VOIP Phone and he needs a internet connection. They will be using it to call to US. I wanted to know whats the minimum speed required ? will going for BSNL HOME...
  5. H

    Suggest best Configuration

    Hi all I am keen to upgrade my present 5 year old PC( which is a P4 Intel,512 MB, 40GB HDD) I find it slow. Would appreciate input on a good configuration with suggestions on which brands of hardware etc. My requirements are: Photo Editing Video Music Games Office Broadband Voip...
  6. G


    hey can ayone tell me how can i use voip to make absolutely free call(if that is possible) i really need it so i'll be thanksfull if u ppl can help me i wanna make phone calls to my frind living in other country i heard abt voip but i dont know how to use it what tools i'll need and if it is...
  7. gary4gar

    has anyone tried voice support over Gtalk??

    i found out some clients that offer voice support for google talk protocol Clients that support Voip through gtalk under linux are: can any one post their experiences??
  8. V

    Guest Blogger/Writer Contest-$$$

    Hi All, Although some of you know me, let me re-introduce myself and tell you a little about the blog. I am vinay and i author a VOIP blog known as VOIP Guide. VOIP Guide is currently one of the fastest growing VOIP blog out there. With more than 1000 + subscribers, Google PageRank 5 & over...
  9. anilmail17

    help needed on voip

    I have to give a presentation on VoIP in my college so i need links to some good articles on VoIP with good images and presentation. If anyone of you had already given seminar on this topic then please send me your report or presentation. Thanx i n advance.
  10. K

    Skype? VoIP?

    :confused: Whats this Skype? and VoIP? Is it possible for us to use mobile net telephony in India? Any Experienced Dudes,plz enlighten us?!
  11. Ricky

    Cordless Voip phone

    Can anyone here give me some details about VOIP cordless phone.. ie. I cnonect it to PC, use it as normal phone but making call via Yahoo voice / skype or other stuff ie. PC-PC call. but should be cordless. Tried looking for few over net but not availble in India !
  12. T

    voip ???????? its urgent

    i am participating in a paper presentation event. in that they have one of the topic multimedia broadcasting . Can anyone tell me is voip a form of multimedia broadcasting. AS its my first time on paper presentations further help regarding paper presentation would really help...
  13. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    FREE VOIP SOftware For PC

    FREE VOIP SOftware For PC To call US n India For free tanxxx
  14. enticer86

    Cell fone as webcam n mic...

    Hey guys my g33ky brain got a ques...cant v use our symbian fones (lik n7610) as webcam, i mean connect it to the pc thru BT n use the cell's cam as webcam......similarly we can try to use the cell's mic to input voice in the pc, lik fr using VOIP n stuff... Is it practically possible? y? y...
  15. T

    HOW TO USE VoIP ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want a tutorial on how to use VoIP.plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz.
  16. S

    record skype/gtalk voice chat

    well you can use this to spy or just have plain fun for recording your chats, or use is to podcast as most of them are doing.... the software required > Hotrecorder *www.hotrecorder.com/ The Description on the site >> _________________________ HotRecorder for VOIP is an advanced...
  17. S

    legality of voip using ip phones

    hi i have a very complicated question regarding legality on voip this topic can be useful to other persons also i m using bsnl broadbang connections i run a small business on IT based i have few clients in usa they have sent me a device called vonage a ip based phone so that they can call...
  18. S

    VOip - need some Help

    Actually i need some help on VOIP I dont know anything about VOIP, expect the its the abrevation for Voice over internet protocol. And it is used as a a system where in any people in abroad can call us in our home country at local call charges. (i think so i am correct) How to go about it...
  19. The Incredible

    VoIP - or how IP

    Hey guys n gals could any 1 tell me how 2 get the VoIP service?
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