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NOD32 update issues

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1.) hv any one of u facing problems while updating ur virus defs in NOD32 Smart Security on WIn XP Pro OSes ??

i cannot update my virus def from the past 12 hrs.. and

2.) are there any issues related to nod32 and Win XP PRo SP3 ???

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There was a recent update issue for users of Nod32 v2 and EAV & ESS v3 where they would get the message
Update of the virus signature database not necessary.
The installed virus signature database is current
Officially, according to ESET, this was due to a large cumulative update released for Nod32 v2 users which was overburdening ESET's update servers. That issue has been fixed now.

I checked on ESET's update info page and there is an ~12 hour gap between update 3350 and 3351(latest). So maybe that's why your ESS hasn't updated in 12 hours. By now it probably has updated to 3351.

I don't think there are any issues with ESS and XP Pro SP3. If you installed that fake SP3, which gives XP a Vista like look, then I don't know, you could have problems. If you have any problems with the SP3 from Microsoft, and can't find the answers here, you can head to over to the official ESS forum

EDIT: just received update 3352, even though its not on the update info page yet.
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