Which is the best replacement for OEM SONY USB cable?


Wise Old Owl
My Sony provided charger/data USB cable has gone kaput because of being frayed near the MicroUSB end.
Searching for a replacement Sony cable online did not yield any results.
Is there anywhere I can get an OEM Sony cable?

If not, is there any good cable that fits the Sony port properly because many third party cables either fit loosely or too tight.


Broken In
boAt Indestructible Micro USB cable (Gold): Amazon.in: Electronic

VYPR CBL Micro USB 10 Feet / 3 Meter 2.4 Amp Quick: Amazon.in: Electronic

Good Third party USB cables are hard to find. These are all I know off. I haven't used them personally just saw reviews here and there mentioning them.

There is also Amazonbasics, you can check them out.


Wise Old Owl
All the good reviews also have bad ones. These days most of the good reviews appear to be paid for.

Gets totally confusing.


I had purchased the following USB cable for my LG G4, most USB cables did not quick charge (output was ~1.5A instead of ~2.1A even when input was 2.1A). The following cable worked fine.
Rock 85309 Micro USB Flat Data Cable for Android: Copper Wire: Amazon.in: Electronic

There is also a power cable by Logitech that I bought, which is a power cable and data transfer is not supported. I dont have a link for it but it performs better than all cables I got, in terms of charging time required.
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