Frequent USB disconnection


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I have a serious problem with our main power supply; gets power fluctuations every 1or2 min(micro stutters) and every time this happens the UPS makes the switch sound and soon after the USB devices(mouse,keyboard,pendrive even video playback) hangs for 1or2 secs and its back to normal. i checked this by rapidly switching on n off the mains and the same problem occurs.. i tried with different batteries too. PC never shuts down tho.. kindly help

vito scalleta

In the zone
i believe its a problem with your ups or your psu. the Ups takes a small amount of time to switch from mains to battery and the psu can maintain its output voltage without the input power for a short time. The psu is not able to hold its voltage before the ups can switch over hence the disconnection. Either the ups is taking too long or the psu is unable to hold to maintain the required output voltages long enough.

What psu and ups model do u use ?
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