1. TheHumanBot

    GPU Not Available in Afer Effetcs CS6?

    hi guys, i just noticed that after effects is not using the GPU for rendring which is why my rendering were really slow. so far i have tried adding graphic card name in pre-ray-render-file (forgot the real name) but similar one in support folder. Fast Draft: Available Texture Memory...
  2. doomgiver

    My STUPID OS (crashes, freezes, the works)

    This is mostly a rant, though i'd like to know why my system is crashing so hard. My desktop keeps : 1. crashing programs (i think its a flash problem) 2. BSOD'ing (not that frequent, more like 2-3 times a week) 3. Freezing (random freezes, 4-5 times a day) more problems : only 2.5 GB ram out...
  3. theserpent

    2 gB Usable out of 4 gb,can this be the reason of system slowing down"

    Hey there So from the past few days my computer has become slow. I deleted some malware via malware byte. Secondly,gta 4 had also become veryy laggy and sometimes it takes lots of time to even open task manger Today i checked the ram and it shows 4GB(2GB USABLE)
  4. D

    2GB usable out of 4GB in Windows 8

    I have a pc running original window 8 with specs as Intel i5-2400 - 2nd gen Intel H67BL MSI R6670 Cooler master 500w Sony DVD R/W Corsair 4G.B. DDR3 1333Mhz * 1 WD Cavair Green 1T.B. Logitech Wireless K260 HP W1907 well today i did a complete fresh install with my brand new...
  5. S

    Xperia TX - Pros and Cons...

    There is much rumor on going about upcoming Xperia TX. Few benchmarks show it beats sgs3 and HTC one x. I also found that it is full of bloat ware which cannot be removed leaving only 2 GB usable for apps and game out of 16 GB? –someone please clarify these facts. What should be the correct...
  6. akash22

    need to utilise full ram.....

    guys even though am using 64 bit os it's still showing 3.93 gb usable whaat does it means ? is it sharing or what?
  7. DizitalNovice

    Suggestions on XPeria U

    Hi people, looking to buy an android and came across this model. What are your views on this? Different sites are claiming different specs. Acc. to GSMArena, it doesn't have a Memory Card slot, but has USB on the go, which is not mentioned in any other spec sheet for this phone. Some say...
  8. S

    Want to buy a decent projector

    Hi, Can you please recommend a decent projector to view movies at home? Is a pico projector better? A LED projector would be usable for longer? Budget is max 35000/- Thank you
  9. sujoyp

    [Want to Buy] Ddr-i pc3200 1gb ram ;)

    Friends I want to buy a DDR1 PC3200 (200MHz) 1GB RAM stick .... My PC have Intel 865GVHZ Motherboard and can support 2GB RAM I thought of increasing the RAM coz Photoshop and GIMP is working very slow...just usable...If I can increase the performance by 10% it will be enough:)) I want a...
  10. atin

    Which monitor to buy

    Hi I am about to get a PS3 in some time.Right now I have a 17 inch CRT monitor.Playing games on that with a PS3 would be a waste(I am not sure if I can even use it with PS3). So asking you which monitor should I buy. It should be usable with the console as well as my pc. I have a budget of...
  11. vamsi_krishna

    Windows 7, RAM issues,

    i've recently installed 4gb of ram. But the win 7 is showing that only 2.98gb or ram is usable. I'm running on WIn 7 64-bit. Any suggestions..
  12. praka123

    Making Ubuntu Usable-must read

    A chapter of a new how-to book, Hacking Ubuntu: Serious Hacks, Mods and Customizations, has been published online at The chapter, entitled "Making Ubuntu Usable," explains how to tune Ubuntu to your personal tastes by changing startup music, background, fonts, icons, colors, and...
  13. r4gs

    System Restore

    I would like to know if there is a way to save specific system restore points separately, say on a cd or dvd, in such a way that it is still usable.
  14. sandeep_arsenal

    Lost Space In Usb Pen Drive

    I Recently Purchased This 512 Mb Usb Pen Drive Cum Mp3 Player. Initially It Showed Me 489 Mb Of Usable Space. I Tried Installin Damn Small Linux On This (from April 2006 Digit). It Didnt Work . Now Da Drive Showed Only 244 Mb Of Usable Space. I Tried Formattin Repeatedly But I Cudnt Recover Da...
  15. R

    Tformat - increases the life of floppies

    I came across a programme called Tformat which is developed by an indian and which available free. This programme formats bad sector floppies and make them usable. It also increases the size to 1.72 MB from 1.38 MB. This has worked for me. here is the link...
  16. P

    about W550i

    hi, i am a new user of W550i mobile phone. i wanted to know that how many messages(sms) can we store in the inbox of W550i? does it store the sms's also in its 230MB usable memory area? if not then how can i store more no. of messages on the phone without transffering them to SIM card...
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