1. N

    Laptop Suggestion: 13-14 inch / i5 / 8GB / 512 SSD / Long Battery - Urgent please

    I am really very confused. For past 5 days, I am only searching for a good laptop to buy immediately when the lockdown ends or even before that, but not ending up with a single model out. Please help guys. 1) Budget: upto Rs.60,000/- 2) Size: 13" to 14" screen 3) Primarily for light Photo...
  2. T

    Laptop for basic tasks @ 38-45k

    Hey readers, I require a laptop for my DAD with the following features. Any advice ? 1) What is your budget?(INR) 38,000 although can be stretched to 45,000 if there's a significant upgrade. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream or even small would do ; 12"...
  3. P

    RAM for HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1103tx

    Hello, I have a HP Ultrabook 4-1103tx with 4 GB RAM. I want to upgrate my RAM to 8 GB by adding another 4 GB one. This is the pic of the current RAM. What could be a suitable RAM for this one? Thanks.
  4. sameermanas

    Need a good performing touch laptop at 45k!

    Hi Everyone. I am looking for an Ultrabook/Laptop that fits my work needs as well as occasional gaming. I am unable to find the additional features such as Backlit keyboard, touchscreen and decent battery life in many configurations. I am a blogger, so these features would be a great boost to my...
  5. D

    In Need of a perfect business Ultrabook! Considering X1 Carbon, T440s. Any X1 Carbon Alternatives?

    In need of a perfect business Ultrabook! Considering X1 Carbon, T440s. Any X1 Carbon Alternatives? Should I consider the Surface pro 3? Reliability, portability and performance are key. HP or Lenovo preferred. Windows Only! Thanks in advance!
  6. X

    Best mid range gaming Ultrabook?

    Hi Guys, Ive been a laptop gamer for quite some time now, my previous laptop i bought was from usa however this time i have no option to buy from there and i need a laptop now urgently as my 5 year old beast finally gave up on me :-( Im looking for a low/mid gaming ultra book with high...
  7. V

    Best business latop with a budget of Rs. 1,00,000 [USD1500]

    Hi, I wanted to pick out the best laptop available in India within this range. I looked at Samsung series 9 & Acer Aspire Ultrabook S7 392 but haven't decided on either yet.... I actually wanted a 15" screen and something light. Do u guys have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
  8. Hrishi

    Dell Admits to "Cat Urine Smell" in its Ultrabook.

    Dell Admits to "Cat Urine Smell" in its Ultrabook. Dell 'admits' to cat urine smell in ultrabook - The Times of India I thought that most companies release their product after considerable amount of testing it. And the most innovative and hilarious comment : "This is just to...
  9. A

    Entertainment laptop/ultrabook for 50-65k

    Need suggestions for a laptop/ultrabook for a friend: 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 50k. Willing to go up to 65k if necessary. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 13-15" 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? No...
  10. P

    All about Ultrabook

    Ultrabooks are now a trending category among Laptops.Recently,I needed to buy a new Laptop & did some research.I found out that Ultrabooks are said to lack some raw performance to mobile versions of processors [ Eg: i3 -desktop ,i3M-mobile versions & i3U-low voltage ultrabook version of...
  11. P

    Can You help me find the best of 4?

    I am looking for a laptop under 42k for a Dell model.Finally found 4 New Inspiron 15R-5521ultrabook models.Can you help me to select from one of these models? 1. with i3u at 36k 2. i3u with AMD 8730 M at 39k 3. i5u at 40k 4. i5u with AMD8730 at 43k Here is the link...
  12. War_Mongrel

    Help Choosing Between HP Envy 6-1002tx And Samsung NP550P5C-S01IN

    Hey guys, please help me choose between HP Envy 6-1002tx and samsung NP550P5C-S01IN. Will be needing mostly for gaming purpose... Also, is snapdeal a good place to buy from? Thanks :)
  13. soumya

    Best Windows 8 laptop?

    My current laptop is 6 years old. I was waiting for Windows 8 to come out for replacing it. I have read a lot of reviews saying that Windows 8 needs a touch based device. So what are the options? These are some of my choices :- XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook Yoga Lenovo Convertible Laptop &...
  14. J

    laptop vs ultrabook

    I am going to buy a new laptop..... I will be using it mainly for programming, coding, apps development, watching movies and lil bit gaming.... I have a budget of 70-75 k.... My brand pref. Are sony and dell... I think in this budget i l get the i7, 1tb hdd, 8 gb ram frm both brand..... Bt when...
  15. D

    Which is the best Ultabook to get from canada.. For around 700$

    my cousin is coming next month, and i really need an ultrabook, here is the questionnaire 1) What is your budget? Around 700 USD [Can extend to $800, but would love to keep it as low as possible] 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light...
  16. S

    Ultrabook doubts

    Hey, I wish to buy a Ultrabook, but I need some to choose the right one. 1. Can anyone explain about the performance difference in having an SSD cache (along with classical HDD ) and one with SSD replacing HDD ( with no classical HDD ) (I know that this is to boast the performance but how...
  17. himanshubias

    suggest a ultrabook around 55k

    need a ultrabook round 55k for mild gaming n bit of programming with portability n looks matters
  18. B

    Any reviews of Asus S56 ultrabook?

    My first post on TDF so a warm hello to the fellow members and thanks to the moderators. I am planing to buy a laptop since the current has already been in use for the past 5 years now. Samsung 550p5c looks a good option and so does Asus S56 ultrabook. Have read a lot about the Samsung one...
  19. A

    Ultrabook under 60k

    Hi all please tell me which ultrabook is the best under 60K?? My Specs: 500HDD + (24-32GB) SDD,Min of 1GB Dedicated Graphic Card are mandatory.Please suggest me and tell me Y?? I had selected few models.They are 1.HP ENVY4-1046TX 2.SAMSUNG NP530U4C-S01IN If there are any please...
  20. perplexed

    Ultrabook for upto 75k

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of purchasing an ultrabook Budget : 75000 Weight : Upto 2.2 KG Processor : i7 preferably RAM : 4-6 GB Screen size : 14-15" Battery Life : Upto 5 hours atleast Graphics : GDDR5 1 GB at least. ( Although I won't play games ) Brands : Anything reliable...
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