Better Quality on Tv tuner card on cable

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I have leadtek winfast Tv2000 Xp global Tv tuner card ...

and there are three connections at home including Tv tuner card with single cable coming from cable operator ,but the problem is that Tv tuner is not giving good quality , but other two connections are giving qualities on TV ...

What can I do receive better picture quality on My tv ...Please help


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first check by relocating your PC at the different points.. if the quality is good at those two points then you may need to change the cable on your PC point..


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Dude one thing you have to understand .... the TV will always look better and the computer monitor worse as compared.This is because your TV has a lot lower resolution/clarity as compared to the pc monitor.But thats the actual advantage of TV ..... even if the signal is low quality the TV will display it with lower resolution and all the noise and other jitter will be lost and you will perceive a clearer picture.But with a high resolution pc monitor all the noise and grains of the signal are kept intact and thus you actually get to see the real video which is quite noisy and "seems" to be of low quality.

I hope I am not confusing you..!

If you want to try ...then do change the cables or move your pc to the TV's (temporarily) and see if there is any gain in quality.
Also use the same type of video cable that the cablewala uses and not any ordinary wire.Video cables need to be shielded otherwise they are prone to induce noise in them.
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