1. avichandana20000

    [Want to Buy] Old hdd

    want to buy WD 160 GB HDD with or without warranty IN RUNNING CONDITION Budget 700/-.WITHIN WARRANTY(nego) 500/- WITHOUT WARRANTY Any one wants to sell must post HD TUNE AND HD SENTINEL STATUS of that HDD. Also require a dead SATA hdd of any size as a give away.
  2. T

    BSNL Hello tune not deactivating..

    I am not able to deactivate BSNL hello tune..I ve sent so many messages but all failed.. PLZ. tell me what is the exact message to deactivate the hello tune from BSNL postpaid mobile..
  3. C

    New HDD slow as hell !!!!

    Hi guys, My laptop hdd just died on me so got it replaced it from dell as it was under warranty now the issue with new hdd has shown up but don't know what to make out of it.The thing is that the new games,extraction and compresion of huge files is just taking too much time.So i used hd tune...
  4. mang

    New WD5000AAKX performance

    I have new WD5000AAKX -00ERMA0 i doubted is it an old model because most of the 500GB WD are WD5000AAKX -003CA0. Is there any one who can translate the performance in laymans language HD Tune screen shots are here: *img.webme.com/pic/a/athax/hdtuneinfo.jpg...
  5. bubusam13

    How to Tune Engine of Pulsar

    Hi Guys, someone using Bajaj Pulsar, can you guide me how to tune the engine of Bajaj Pulsar bikes. Pls don't ask to visit service center. They ruined my bike. I am ready to take the risk of tuning myself. Just guide me how to do.
  6. bajaj151

    HDD : Should I RMA ?

    I checked one of my hard disk using HD Tune and I am getting Health Status as Warning Here is the screenshot :
  7. soyab0007

    HDD shows warning

    I have checked my hdd today with hd tune and found some warning... what exactly is a problem? Is there something i have to fear bcoz this is the only hdd i have below are the screenshot of hd tune.. *i43.tinypic.com/j0jynd.png *i44.tinypic.com/54tbu0.png
  8. socrates

    Nokia offering $10,000 for remixing their signature tune

    First Facebook started by offering a prize for finding bugs, now Nokia :D Nokia offering $10,000 for remixing their signature tune A cool way of getting others to do your work all in the name of getting your customers involved. :)
  9. R

    [Solved] CPU-Z showing only 1 core in E5200

    hey guyz i have a bit unusual problem softwares like CPU-Z,Nvidia System Monitor and easy tune all are displaying only 1 core in my E5200......what does that mean????
  10. prashant9918


    I want a ringtone from Tum Bin movie.....Koi Fariyaad ....In this song there is some aalap kind of music like hmmm hmmm hhmmmmmm ...which is sung by Jagjit Singh ...I want that theme music in electric guitar tune....I know there are many digitians know how to play guitar....If any one of them...
  11. naveen_reloaded

    WTF : Airtel adds its advertising before the hello tune !!

    I don't know whether its because of some idiot in the company taking bad decision or Airtel been pushed to do things like this. But surely , the company has taken a path which is sure to raise question and annoy people in new , improved , different manner. Airtel today has added its hello tune...
  12. BBThumbHealer

    Can any recognise this song for me please ?

    Hi Guys ... Actually i got this tune from a friend of mine ... liked it very very much and was lukin for the whole song ... He told me its from NFS Carbon .. m having the OST of NFS Carbon but wasn't able to match the tune with anyone of them.. So is this really from NFS carbon or any other...
  13. M

    Free iolo System Mechanic 8 Full Version Download with Six Month License Key

    When your car breaks down or in need of tune up, you will sent the vehicle to mechanic. So when your PC computer system breaks down or desperately need a performance tune, who would you go to? Indeed, there is no need to send the system anywhere with System Mechanic from iolo.com. System...
  14. harish_21_10

    SMART failure predicted

    Hi..i have an Acer Aspire 5672WLMI laptop..2yrs old now..i have been getting SMART failue predicted message during booting...i downloaded HD Tune and found the HDD temp going upto 55c with normal operations i.e browsing net..no movie..no music..and here what the HD Tune shows: HD Tune...
  15. rohitshubham

    tune up utilities

    i installed tune up utilities but when i click on any option in the tune up utilities it does not work even close and minimize buttons of tune up utilities does not work how to resolve?????
  16. dashang

    About nokia spash screen

    how change the "Welcome note" to your own image or text string (and it gets displayed after the Nokia hands video & tune) in the phone settings. I have nokia 3500 classic. S40 series
  17. iMav

    Song from CoD4 Gun SOunds - Wicked tune

    This is like the most wicked tune & deserves to be an OST for the next CoD, this is a song made out of the CoD4 Gun Sounds, listen to it, it so freaking awesome. The video can be found Here Click here to download the MP3 Trust me guy u will definitely wanna watch the vdo once you hear the tune
  18. BBThumbHealer

    Boot Screen Probleem - Tune Up Utilities 2008

    Hi Guys, Whenever i create a new bootskin using tune up styler and apply that , it automatically activates the No GUI boot option in msconfig<boot and as a result , evrytime i boot , i get that hidden aurora boot screen instead of which i wanted ! what could be the problem ? Thnx...
  19. Rockstar11

    airtel.in down??

    Hello Friends, is *www.airtel.in down? Can someone kindly confirm? plzzz ise abhi hi down hona tha... yaar mujhe meri hello tunes change karni hai. :( I need the hello tune code for “Chaha Hai Tujhko” song from Mann. :(
  20. Dark Star

    The Pc Ultimate Doctor:Tune Up Utility 2007

    Review Tune Up Utilities 2007 Today as Technology is increasing the exigency to more power and more better softwares and games seems to be escalating. These power softwares/games while executing spawns a heap of dump in the temporary folders of Operating System. These dump when accumulate...
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