1. R

    Need to transfer messages from BADA 1.2 to Android

    My mum had the Samsung Wave S8500 running on BADA 1.2, and now she has bought the Sony Xperia P. She has some very important messages that need to be transferred before disposing Wave. Since she's on Bada 1.2, Kies is not offering the option to backup messages, so I can't even transfer through...
  2. S

    Dell Inspiron 17R SE

    Finally got my Dell Inspiron 17R SE from USA. The performance is way amazing. Boots up in mere 15 secs. Skullcandy speakers are good too. Never used them in more than half the volume. Got the warranty transferred to India. 350 days remaining. Don't know what more to expect. :shock:
  3. Tejas.Gupta

    Easy Money ! :D

    Earn Money Sitting at Home ! :D The easiest and fastest way to make Money online. No need of Website traffic content Nothing ! Yes ~SITE NAME REMOVED~ is the easiest way to earn online ! All you have to do is just enter Captcha images ! The more time you give to it you'll earn more ! Money can...
  4. arpanmukherjee1

    Partion a SD Card

    i was wondering if a SD could be partitioned, as used as phone "internal" memory. used partition manager on kingston micro SD card, using partition magic. it never transferred the next bit . is it possible, i dont want to waste another card
  5. pritish_kul2

    CAn i earn money

    Cani earn money online legally and the money gets transferred to a paypal account.plzz help
  6. Plasma_Snake

    Online Money

    What are credible ways of generating or getting money online? Doesn't matters if the money is e-money,to be transferred into Paypal account.:confused:
  7. The_Devil_Himself

    ID3 tags and album art?

    I have some questions regarding them: 1.What are different version of id tags?How can I add id3 tags to full album that I rip from my audio Cds?suggest some good software(both windows and linux alternatives if possible). 2.These album art thingy is too much for me.How are they stored?In song's...
  8. D

    Unverified Paypal ???

    I got this unverified paypal account. Now wot i wanna know is whether money from another paypal account can be transferred to it ? If yes, can i make transactions from this unverified paypal account ?
  9. He28

    Nokia Experts... Please Help!

    Hi guys, I have a Nokia 3100 and recently I bought a new Nokia 3230. I downloaded many poly ringtones from different sources on Nokia 3100. Now, I need to transfer all those ringtones to Nokia 3230. Is these any way to get all ringtones transferred to my new Nokia 3230. I know many of you will...
  10. tanush_89

    nokia 6610i

    Hi I have transferred images from many phones but not as old as this one. How can I transfer from this phone??
  11. izzikio_rage

    cost of transfer paper

    Guys I wanted to know the price of transfer paper used for transferring inkjet printer prints to t -shirts . Also could you please tell me the average life of this transferred material, or how many number of washes it can handle . Thanks
  12. C

    Suggest Please : Urgent

    Suggest me a mobile which is fm enabled and from which you can read plain txt files which are transferred using USB.Text files are of maximum 2 mb in size.
  13. Maverick340

    Auto FWD Hotmails

    I have a hotmail account.Few months ago i shifed from hotmail to gmail(like evry wise person).I still keep getting loads of mails on hotmail that id like to be transferred to my Gmail account.Anyways how i can do it without manually fwding each mail. :?:
  14. KoRn

    Ringtone site

    hey guys do u know any site i can download english ringtones from(polyphonic,mp3,monophonic).where these can be transferred by bluetooth. :wink:
  15. iinfi

    whats going where ???

    in winXP pro is there any software which can read what content is being sent and received by each port in the system?? Firewalls like zone alarm allow u to see a max. of 999 log entries ..... but i want the content which is being transferred to be logged .... is it possible ....
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