1. stellar

    Adding another HDD

    I have 80 GB Pata HDD and it's getting low on space.I am thinking of adding another 500GB SATA. What I want to do is make the new 500 GB HDD primary and old one secondary for backups. And also make it my OS HDD. How can i transfer all my OS and files to the new HDD. IS it possible to do by...
  2. dashing.sujay

    First experience of using an iPhone !!

    So I had iPhone 4s in my hands which belonged to an uncle of my friend. Had used his phone once before; Slick interface, nothing new to mention. The whole incident started when he asked me to send some songs to it. I already knew that iTunes was required for it. My friend had some software which...
  3. tech0freak0

    Tablet around 20k?

    Hey Guys, I wanna buy tablet around 20,000 Rs. Primary use is for watch movies and read ebooks. So i'll transfer stuff from pc to tablet. Option I'm considering: ipad mini Samsung galaxy tab 2 Google nexus 7 I don't think ipad will allow transfer of movies and ebooks Is there any...
  4. A

    Transfer money from ondia to usa

    Transfer money from India to usa Hi My friend sent me a product through one of his friends from usa who returned to india. I need to pay him 52 $ . Which is the cheapest way to transfer money to his account. I hold an hdfc account and am open to other money transfer ways as well
  5. A

    Best external portable Hdd (power indpendent) with 1TB and best transfer rate

    Hi guys, need external portable hard disk 1tb. Looking best transfer rate but it should be good value for money.Looking for best deal in mumbai. Thanks.
  6. T

    connecting pc and laptop

    I have win xp sp2 pc and win7 laptop. I have a bsnl wi-fi modem in bridge mode. Is there a way to transfer files using the wi-fi LAN link ?
  7. O

    Speed up transfer between laptop and destop

    I've got a desktop (P4 3.0 Ghz, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, motherboard Intel DG102GGC2) and a laptop (i3 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB DDR3 RAM). I've connected them both with a 150 MBPS wireless router Both computers are running Win 7. The desktop is connected by cable, and the laptop by wireless. When I transfer files...
  8. Charley

    Transfer Installed Software From One Hard Disk To Another Hard Disk

    I have partitioned single hard disk into 4 i.e C:, D:, E:, F: C: has 15 GB, but only 500 MB remaining. I need to transfer installed softwares to D: without uninstalling the existing one on C:, to get free space?
  9. S

    Need more front USB ports

    I have a Corsair Carbide 400R cabinet which has only 2 front USB ports. I want more USB ports. What to do?? Should I go or Hubs?? Do they provide good transfer speeds. I read about usb 5.25" bays. Are they available online?? Are they any good??
  10. Charley

    Transfer Data From 2 GB Card to 16 GB Card on HTC Explorer

    How can I transfer data from existing memory card to the new one without losing any data ?
  11. A

    Need an External Hard Disk for storage, 2 TB or above

    Budget is ~7.5k max, would prefer something around 6.5 though Buying from Flipkart Going to transfer all the data from my DVDs to this. Some 200 DVDs in total, will use strictly for storage How does this look? ...
  12. S

    Transfer files from a old internal hard disk to a laptop

    Hi guys, i am new to this forum and this is my first thread. I had a compaq presario which is 3 yrs old, and its motherboard crashed around 2 months ago. I am planning to buy a new laptop(inspiron 14r SE) :) ..and i wanted to know that how can I transfer the files of my compaq's internal hard...
  13. B

    Best card reader to transfer data from PC to various devices..

    Hi all, Kindly suggest best card reader which support all card types that will allow data transfer data between 1. Laptop 2. Desktop 3. Android Phones 4 Tablets 5 External HDD etc. Thanks.
  14. A

    How to transfer apps?

    How to transfer apps from internal memory to external sd card in samsung galaxy s duos to save internal memory?
  15. Ironman

    Want Very Cheap Android Devices (Phone + Tablet)

    1.Phone: I Chose>>Micromax Ninja 2 A56---------------->>5,699 Micromax A56 Ninja 2 Superphone, blue - The Mobile Store: Buy Online at Lowest Prices in India - Mobile Phones, Tablets, Cell Phones, Accessories, Batteries, Bluetooth, Chargers and more I dont Know how it is , Just saw that it is the...
  16. MetalheadGautham

    Transporting A Desktop: How hard is it ?

    Has anyone in here tried transporting/relocating an entire desktop ? I mean inter-state transfer. I'm looking to know the hassles involved, how hard was it to pack things, etc.
  17. abhijit_reddevil

    Transfer contacts from android platform to symbian platform

    Hi guys, I need to transfer all my contacts on my samsung galaxy ace to my company provided nokia E5. I tried to do it via bluetooth by selecting all the contacts on android and sending it via bluetooth but when I save it in nokia, I see only one contact is saved. The .vcf file is getting...
  18. M


    Dear friends, I have just bought very basic dual SIM handset of videocon (Model No V1510). I wish to transfer contacts from my Nokia C5-03 to Videocon phone.I have taken contacts back up on memory card from nokia phone. what i need to do to transfer these contacts to...
  19. D

    how to transfer data b/w two laptops using wifi

    hey guys i want to know how to transfer data from my previous laptop to new one using wifi connection.. if possible please tell me step by step
  20. I

    How to transfer msgs from Nokia to Android?

    Hello frnds! I want to transfer all my msgs from Nokia 701 to HTC Sensation.. But unable to do.. Pls. help me out.. I tried this guide - Guide : Transfer all SMS from a Nokia Symbian Smartphone to Android Smartphone this converter makes the xml file of all the sms (but it was only...
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