1. sacr3d

    Father-friendly Tower needed strictly for Office Purpose

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.' Vague answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work.) Ans: Purely office work. Printing/Scanning/Internet Surfing/. For...
  2. saikiasunny

    Choosing a PC Case- A Short Guide

    You have decided to go for a Desktop PC. You have decided upon the processor, motherboard, RAM, HDD, and everything. The only thing left is finding a home for these components; that is choosing a PC Case (cabinet). A PC case is an enclosure which holds all the major components of the computer...
  3. mohit9206

    Suggest a cabinet in a budget of 2-2.5k

    I have seen a few models online like Antec VSK4000, Antec X1-T, CoolerMaster Force 500, CoolerMaster CMP 250,NZXT Beta Evo,etc. Doesnt matter if its mini tower or mid tower as long as it fits all my standard sized components.I forgot to add that my mobo Gigabyte H61 has only usb 2.0 front...
  4. D

    UPS for new build

    Currently I'm using my old APC Back UPS BX 600CI IN with my new rig(build in signature, and thread * UPS specs - Input 250VAC, Output 600VA/360 W. It can just handle the CPU/tower alone while...
  5. speedyguy

    Suggestion : 2.1 / Tower speakers for 50" LED TV

    Please suggest 2.1 or tower speakers for a new LED TV in a normal medium sized living room. Why so specific? - Cannot go for 5.1/4.1 etc since there is no convenient place to have rear surround speakers. Moreover, a small kid in the house who may spoil wires hanging around. ** Not sure if...
  6. suarezian

    [Want to Buy] PC cabinet

    Hi. I need a mid tower pc cabinet. Price should be around 1k
  7. S

    To buy only system tower ?

    Hello, It's been 1week that I tried searching major websites to buy only the system tower (Box with Processor, HDD, RAM etc but no keyboard or display). But I could only find Mac Mini which is very expensive for me. Are there any good websites to find & buy system tower alone in India ...
  8. S

    [Full Tower] NZXT Phantom Crafted: three doubts on sellers

    I made following video editing rig 6 months ago. FX-8150. (future plan to upgrade this to 8350 or perhaps steamroller.) Crosshair V formula. GTX 660 (future plan upgrade this to Quadro.) I've build this system on a cooler master Elite 431 mid tower cabinet. The GTX660 and PSU fans...
  9. kg11sgbg

    About Tower Fans

    @TDF friends,any idea about Tower Fans? What is their reliability,longevity, efficiency? Are they better than Pedestal/ standing fans? Please answer the query.
  10. havoknation

    King of all Full tower..~~~ Its ULTRA Tower

    Hi All, I have upgraded my chassis from Haf 932 to NZXT Phantom 820. I drifted towards it because of its unique HUE lightning system. Please check below link for pics Phantom 820 Ultra Tower Photos by xonar9357 | Photobucket
  11. justme101

    New Cabinet!!!

    I have a mini tower and after getting the Corsair CX430V2 the wires are just crumbled up. So i want to get a Mid tower so that i can get more space inside with better cable management. I hav zeroed in on these two: 1. BitFenix Merc Alpha - BitFenix: 2. Elite 430 Black - Cooler...
  12. manistar

    Best Tower Speaker under 20k for my LED TV

    Hi Guys,, Suggest me a good tower speaker for my 42" LED TV. I am not sure what is so good about tower speaker but always fascinated about it and wanted to buy that. My Budget is 20k. Wall mountable is big + TIA
  13. Z

    Need to buy Computer Cabinet - HPTX form factor from my little monster EVGA SR-2

    Hi guys, My EVGA SR-2 arrived. Now, the big problem. The motherboard is very huge. I am unable to fit in normal Cabinet. Please suggest me some FULL TOWER or ULTRA TOWER Cabinet for my gig. HPTX Form Factor I searched online in few stores. There are my options: Cosmos II - This is...
  14. mandarpalshikar

    Bad experience with Tikona

    I've been having a lot of problems with Tikona (speeds dropping frequently, bad ping times, etc.) but this one is really causing some pain to me. Since Saturday 22nd Sept my connection is down. My PC shows network as disconnected. I tried changing the LAN cable and also trying with my Laptop...
  15. MegaMind

    A new cabby.

    Hey guys, its been a long time since i made any modifications to my PC.. I'm planning on getting a new cabby, as its getting pretty tight inside Gamma.. -Budget : 15k max. -Full tower preferred -been a big fan of HAF X's looks. Suggest me a good cabby..
  16. S

    Nzxt Phantom 410 OR Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Mid Tower Cabinet

    1. Nzxt Phantom 410 OR 2. Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Mid Tower Cabinet ??
  17. A

    I need a COOLER

    i7 3770k ASUS P8Z77-V PRO G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) PC RAM Corsair 400R Mid Tower Cabinet Corsair TX750V2 nvidia quadrofx 580 HD sata 350 gb mouse keyboard... suggest me a cooling system(around 4000rupee)
  18. ajaybc

    Please help me identify a game

    Hi, I had played a small tower defense game about 4 years ago and can't remember it's name. It had 2 castles at both sides of the screen and a forest in between. The objective is to destroy the other castle. We could hire wood cutters who go to the forest and chopped the woods which is...
  19. P

    Need help to choose mid tower chassis with usb 3.0

    I need advise on a mid tower case for my pc with excellent ventilation and which supports usb 3.0. It would be used for heavy gaming. my gpu is 6950. budget max -- 3.5k
  20. M

    Cooler Master Strom Enforcer is it a best buy..?

    Hello just ( yesterday ! ) purchased a cooler master enforcer and my PC has a home finally..) CM Storm » Products: Enforcer its a mid tower and looks are great but was thinking 5.6k (inc tax) was a best buy or i again got ditched off..!
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