1. R

    Suggest me 5.1, 4.1 home theater systems under 3000rs

    Suggest 5.1, 4.1 home theater systems under 3000rs. I want good bass, SURROUND effect via aux, Pro logic feature . For using with projector i want. Please help
  2. R

    4.1ch home theater system doubt

    i want to know 4.1ch home theater will get output to 4 speaker via aux cable. or just 2 speakers will get output via aux?
  3. nomad47

    Connecting Home Theater System to PC

    I am getting a SONY DAV DZ350 Home theater system and I want to connect it to my PC. This home theater system is of following configuration: The speakers are connected to the DVD player, which has the amplifier required for the speakers. The DVD player has standard RCA and TOSILINK input. As...
  4. KRISHI101

    which is good VR headset? which really gives theater experience..

    which is good VR headset? which really gives theater experience.. If anyone used.. And is MotoG3 compatible with VR? i google it and found that it doesnt have gyro-sensor.
  5. T

    Home Theater system for ~20-25k

    Gonna be buying a new TV, wanted a home theater system for ~20-25k. Medium-Big room.
  6. D

    [Want to Buy] Good 5.1 Home theater (not for PC)

    I just want to know which Home theater system comes just under 15k and it is good value for money Be it with/without a player
  7. TheMost

    3D Home Theater Setup [50K]

    Hello People, I am not a Audio freak or something and know every technical aspects within Audio, But I am enthusiast and know to appreciate and enjoy Quality. I have recently decided to Buy a 3D HDTV, a Home Theater and Upgrade my PC. HDTV thread here ! Along with that i am planning to Buy...
  8. O

    [Query]Multiple queries on digital connection+5.1 speakers

    [Query]Multiple queries on 5.1 speakers Dear All, Please help me in my audio queries. Thanks to 'Tenida' for resolving my initial queries on 5.1 set. I am looking for 5.1 speakers with good sound quality and thumping BASS..window rattling type :) My main priorities--Movies, Gaming, Music (in...
  9. A

    HDMI will it works.........!!!!!!!!

    2 days ago i bought a new 32 inch LED TV (SONY R42)AND a home theater system (SONY DAV-TZ145)............ now i am facing problem that when ever i use to play videos from pen drive the file format doesn't support so i started converting the files into the supported formats .i found this little...
  10. A

    Full HDTV and 5.1 home theater ??

    suggestion required for buying a 32 inch full HDTV {LED}and a 5.1 channel home theater {with rear side wireless speakers } my budget for HDTV is around Rs 36,000 and for home theater is Rs 10,000. Preferable brands are SAMSUNG ,SONY,LG,PANASONIC.
  11. Arnab

    Need a home theater system with av reciever for my friend-budget 30-35k

    Hello, My friend needs a suggestion for buying a good Home Theater Package. I have auditioned Denon AV Rcv. and its too costly and having A.S.S issues in Kolkata . Can you please suggest me a System ... Using Purpose To play games, To watch Movies To listen Music Thanks
  12. A

    Best Speaker/Music System/Home thearer in and around 10k

    2.1 or 5.1 doesn't matter, sound reproduction should be good. Main usage is going to be Music, occasional Movies and Gaming. Computer Speaker system or Home theater, doesn't matter, but if its a home theater then it should have option to connect to a pc. Would love to have remote, but not...

    Home theatre for Samsung 6200 led and samsung blueray player e5500

    hai, i recently purchased a Samsung slim led 40" 6200+a 3d blue ray player Samsung e5500. now im planning to buy a home theater system for the same (5.1). im looking for a home theater with digital audio TV has such a port . the size of the room is tricky.the tv is placed in an open...
  14. B

    need buying adviseHOME THEATER IN A BOX

    i wanna buy home theater in a box. my budget 30k my preference-50%movies,50%music i have dragonfly usb DAC. i wanna play well my flac collections. my choice 1-denon 1312xp 2-yamaha 196 3-pioneer 071 pioneer got avmax 2012 best product award. plz compare above 3 side by side
  15. S

    connect home theater to samsung led tv?

    HI Mates help me out in connecting philips home theater to samsung 32 inch 4003 model. brought it from Malaysia
  16. S

    Connecting 5.1 Home Theatre to PC to LED

    Hi. I'm buying the Pioneer HTP-RS32 5.1 Home theater. HTP-RS32 | Planning to connect a PC to my Sony LED TV and the home theater. Do you think it is advisable to do this or have a standalone player? It is easier to access the contents via PC than using the blu-ray player, remote or...
  17. A

    suggest me best laptop

    hi 14-inch display with backlight Im looking a laptop in this below configuration Intel® Core™ i7-3612QM Processor (6MB cache, up to 3.1 GHz) HDD - 500gb DDR3 RAM - 4gb or more. DVD RW bluetooth and WIFI inbuilt with hotspot high qulaity webcam atleast 2 mp built in- mic, speaker(Dolby...
  18. ajayritik

    Will my current motherboard support playback of HD?

    Guys currently I have the following Motherboard:Intel DG965 RY Processor:Core2 Duo 64210 2.13 Ghz RAM:DDR2 2 GB I guess I need a graphics Card to get HDMI ports and Sound card so that I can connect to Home Theater. Planning to play Full HD and Uncompressed Blu Ray files. Will this...
  19. ajayritik

    Need suggestions for a new HTib

    Guys I currently have Sony Home Theater but due to unavailability of Optical In port I'm not able to get desired sound quality when I play something from my newly purchased Samsung 46 " LED TV. Hence I'm planning to go for a brand new HT. The budget is between 20k- 35k. Current Home Theater...
  20. ajayritik

    Need help connecting Home Theater to new Samung LED TV

    I have recently purchased Samsung 46" TV D6000. I have a Sony Home Theater which I would like to connect to my TV. Which kind of cable should I look for and which port to be used both on Player and the TV. It looks like I may have to use Optical cable. Sony Home Theater Model is DAV DZ151 KB.
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