1. T

    Help, I need laptop under 50k. Please suggest .

    Help, I need laptop under 50k. Please suggest .I can wait for a month or two . And please do tell me which is better dell or lenovo ? Thankyou
  2. A

    New to Digit Magazine

    Hey everybody I am Amit,new to this forum. I actually joined this forum to get my queries solved regarding to IT engineering from Mumbai University I hope I will get my doubts cleared and learn new things from u all Thankyou
  3. B

    cs 1.6 ctf

    I want to host a cs 1.6 capture the flag server .............. could tell me alink where i can download the plugins etc and how to install them???? i dont want the simple ctf i want the one with adrenaline and all addonss too :D thankyou
  4. Anish

    Billing software needed

    Hi, I need a simple and easy to use billing and management software suitable for hotels. It must be easier to use than tally. Thankyou.
  5. TheLetterD

    The iPad owner's thread(reviews for apps, troubleshooting, peripherals etc.)

    Umm if any admin.s are viewing this, pls delete this thread as I have posted it again under the Laptops, netbooks, tablets category Thankyou
  6. Empirial

    Sennheiser CX55 vs Klipsch S3 vs Denon AH-C260

    Hi, My top priority is clean audio output & tight bass. Thankyou.
  7. H

    Hidden File/folder

    Dear all Kindly tell me how to save confidential information on my HDD. For example by securing file or folder by password. Thankyou
  8. Empirial

    Motorola Milestone XT720

    Hello, & are selling this phone for around 26k. Is it worth buying? Thankyou
  9. dare_devil

    Monitor under 9k

    Hi all, I want to buy a Monitor under 9k. Apart from performance, i am looking for good service in case of any fault. so please suggest some. Thankyou ---------- Post added at 12:25 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:22 AM ---------- i preferably want a 19 inch lcd
  10. C

    How to know about particular land/property?

    Well is it possible to know that who owns a particular land and how he owns it? I mean did he buy it or got as a gift and stuff like that.. Possible? Urgent. Thankyou.
  11. R

    How save power?

    since i download a lot of stuffs i was wondering is there anyway i can make my system consume less power while on idle(only downloading)? thankyou
  12. ╬Switch╬

    Ipod prices in grey market?

    Does anyone happen to know of the gray market prices of the new ipod nano and classic? And the PSP? Thankyou.
  13. S

    Nokia N73 Earphone Problem

    Loud Alarms give a deafening experience when using earphone. Any Solutions? Also, activating loudspeaker while using FM gives the same volume in the headset. k.rates? you reading? Thankyou in advance .
  14. M

    i need interface designing

    hi every one any one here tell me how to create good interfaces in some popular softwares such as flash, photoshop 3d max etc., please any one just give me some idea abt that thankyou
  15. M

    interface design

    hi every one any one here tell me how to create good interfaces in some popular softwares such as flash, photoshop 3d max etc., please any one just give me some idea abt that thankyou
  16. ╬Switch╬

    Image hosting script????

    I want to create a site where people can upload their own images for their blogs. Do you know of any such scripts?? Thankyou..
  17. go4saket

    Overclocking Queries???

    Hi Guys! I am absolutely new in the field of overclocking and needed to know how is overclocking done and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Which are the parts in computer that can be overcloacked and to what extent. Thankyou.
  18. H

    k750i or w710i

    hi, please help me to choose which mobile to buy k750i or w710i how much does w710i cost in bangalore thankyou
  19. official

    Help! Cant log in in different forums

    I am unable to log in in many forums (for exp: can't your read, you are not supposed to name those sites which give our warez) etc.Whenever i enter my username and password it says "thankyou for loging in " but in the next redirected page it shows that i am not logged in .Please Help ME!
  20. N

    how to configure thunderbird and yahoopops

    i want to use thunderbird with yahoopops for downloading my mails please help me to configure thunderbird for yahoopops thankyou :lol: :roll: :D
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