1. N

    Suggestions on LG 49UF850T (4k+3D) ?

    I have been hunting for a 4k+3D tv with size less than 50". It seems this is the only model which has both 3d+4k at 49". This TV look very good in terms of the features and picture quality.. any owners here who can provide me an review abt this TV.....Suggestions/feedback from anyone on this TV...
  2. S

    CM 120 SI2 (4 IN 1) VS (Deepcool Iceblade 120 mm)x3

    So i need to buy new cabinet fans since my old multi color led fans died. Basic Requirements 1.3 fans for 1k. So i have these two options 1).Cooler Master Silent FAN 120 SI2 (4 in 1) Cooler - Cooler Master : Flipkart.com or 2)Deepcool Iceblade 120 mm Transparent Cooling Fan...
  3. P

    Budget Laptop for General use and occassional Photoshop

    Hi I need help around a new computer purchase that will be used primarily for general use and occassional photoshop Primarily looking for a laptop that should last for atleast 4-5 years in terms of configuration The basic details are provided below. 1) What is your budget? (INR or...
  4. I

    Please suggest FUP-Less ISP in Delhi

    Hi all, I live in west Delhi(near moti nagar) and my current local ISP is closing their service down this month. As a result, I need to switch to another one. I am currently on a 1Mbps FUP-less plan for Rs1300/month and am looking for the same or a better deal at a maximum of Rs1500 per...
  5. D

    Want to learn python

    Ther are several tutorials on net but as i am from mechanical branch it is completely new for me especially the terms.
  6. F

    Alienware 17 vs razer blade pro vs ASUS G750JZ

    Which is a better gaming laptop in terms of value for money
  7. H2O

    Feature Phone Within Rs 3000 - Rs 4000

    Hello Everyone. My dad needs a good feature phone within 3K - 4K. He doesn't like touchscreen or qwerty phones. All he needs is good call quality, good in terms of music and good battery back-up. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. S

    Samsung galaxy note 8.0 is now official in India

    Good news for galaxy note lovers!Galaxy Note 510 is now official in India,but i guess ipad mini will beat it very badly in terms of price,ahh...it's a bad news for me,i expected the price to be 20-25k,but the price is as high as 31k :( :( Here,on the samsung official e-store you can preorder...
  9. N

    USA vs Taiwan vs Japan in Semiconductor Technology

    Hello friends, who do you think is ahead in terms semiconductor technology? USA or Taiwan or Japan 1. R&D 2. Innovation 3. Breakthrough and Inventions 4. Future prospects etc. in terms of advancements in semiconductor industry.
  10. G

    CS:GO or Max Payne 3 or Battlefield 3

    Hi, I wanted to buy a game to play online..but i'm not sure which of the three should i go for, i know all three games are different in terms of their playing styles, but still which one should i buy. -CS will always be there in terms of players and competition. -Max Payne 3 just looks...
  11. windchimes

    How good are ASUS laptops?

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy a new laptop and my budget is around 35k which can even extend to 40k. I am pretty interested in ASUS models since they are giving good configurations at reasonable prices. ( i5 +4gb+ 750gb hdd) . And few of our pals here suggested the same. But I wish to know...
  12. D

    GE 620dx vs DV6-6165tx

    msi ge 620dx has i5 2430m with gt 555m for 54k whereas hp dv6 6165tx has i7 2670m with 6770m for 58k please compare them in terms of gaming performance and build quality.
  13. soyab0007

    Speakers required under 1.5k

    I have shortlisted few speakers, would prefer to buy from flipkart or letsbuy Logitech Z313 Speaker Creative SBS A335 both are priced 1410rs at flipkart.com which one would be better in terms of quality, sound and performance?? or is there any other option..
  14. tango_cash

    i want to buy a mobile phone that has best/strongest GPS chip/receiver. budget 10k.

    i want to buy a mobile that has best/strong signal, GPS chip/receiver. budget 10k. hi ppl i want to buy a mobile, nowadays a lot of phones are coming with GPS facility but i have seen some phones have stronger GPS than others e.g nokia 5800 is better than E72 in terms of GPS. so pls tell...
  15. ico

    Battlefield 3 won't be on Steam

    Source: Battlefield 3 won't be sold on Steam; EA claims service 'restricts our ability to directly support players' | Joystiq what's with this? I mean, Valve kicked out Crysis 2 from Steam. Someone had told me there was some issue of Crysis 2 DLC being only available through Direct2Drive...
  16. clinton

    How to check my Internet Usage?

    Hello Friends, I use a Dlink wi-fi modem to access internet on my PC and and cell phone. As it is a ever connected net(not Dial up) i cant see the the current Received and Sent usage as it is show in Dial up connection. The only thing i can do is to c the status of the network,but its...
  17. E

    ASUS K42JA vs Acer 4820TG

    which is better ? how are both ASUS and Acer in terms of after sales service ?
  18. S

    Need Help to build a website

    Hey! I know this is a very common topic but what i m looking for is a comprehensive reply...i have tried to follow some earlier threads but was not able to figure out much as i m not comfortable to all the technical terms.......so any help is much appreciated.......as i m rly srs abt doing this...
  19. G

    Q&A for dummies :P

    well, i'm new to this forum. And i'm impressed. But i dint find any threads for dummies. All those geeky terms seem heavy for me. So, i just started this thread for dummies(like me). I hope answers that come here don't include terms that non-geeks can't understand. The questions that come to my...
  20. S

    Powercolor or Sapphire

    Hello Guys, I want to buy Radeon 6850. I am confused about vendor - Sapphire or Powercolor. Which one is good in your experience in terms of service/warranty, overheating problems etc? Thanks!
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