1. sksksksk

    Premium WebTemplates Query

    Well.. I am thinking of building websites at domestic level... using paid templates available on net. Will the paid templates provide database along with the layout?? o.O or I need to design the database according to the attributes??
  2. L

    WordPress Vs. PSD Templates

    I'm new to web designing and i'm looking forward to figure out which is best for ERP-CMS or just the CMS? Either the WordPress based webtemplates or PSD Templates? Please kindly guide me through. Thanks in advance.
  3. Y

    Make template appear under "Installed Templates" office 2007 and 2010?

    How can I display my template under "Installed Templates" and NOT UNDER "My Templates". Where excel has- Billing Statement Loan Amortization etc Is there any utility which can ease the process for me. Image for what I want- Desired Outcome.jpg - Uploader v6
  4. Y

    Make template appear under "Installed Templates" office 2007 and 2010

    How can I display my template under "Installed Templates" and NOT UNDER "My Templates". Where excel has- Billing Statement Loan Amortization etc Is there any utility which can ease the process for me. Image for what I want -Desired Outcome.jpg - Uploader v6
  5. Worried From Bugs

    Free PowerPoint templates from Microsoft and others

    Are you looking for free stunning powerpoint templates? Microsoft has a huge list of free templates to give your presentation a professional look. Do check these links for free templates: PowerPoint presentations and slides - Templates - Office.com Free PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds...
  6. shift

    suggest me a software

    suggest me a good software for creating website, PAID or FREE, anyone if possible, that comes with templates i dont like PhotonFX Easy Website Pro thanks again
  7. S

    Serching for Great but Free css or html templates

    please, can any 1 suggest me any good site for free templates for mine homepage??
  8. DigitDonz

    Where to get free templates ?

    Dear Friends, Do you know any websites that offer free professional templates for web designing and for blogs ( Blogger ) Thank You in advance,
  9. Faun

    Need some good template for website

    I hav bought a domain and hosting from Ravi, Now am in search of good templates to start with. Please guys help me choosing one :D How about wordpress templates, can i choose one of'em ? And I do like to have wordpress widget support. Thanking you all PS: any template like last.fm will...
  10. iMav

    Prof. Web Designer Required

    hey guys i need a professional web designer for designing my dad's company site the previous guy i had hired had more nakhras than most of the girls i have known 8 out of 10 thing he kept saying cant be done at this stage so the project was abandoned with him and hence im finding a guy who can...
  11. ankushkool

    where can i get flash downloads???

    can u please give me some links 4 downloading free flash templates n intros i searched but didnt get any good stuff :(
  12. Ron

    Templates Required

    Guys From where can I get free Frontpg templates………………………….. And hey how can we change the settings ( Eg: Foreground, Background, Font Size And Color etc) of those templates and mk our settings………default……………. Thnks in Advance Ronak
  13. P

    Links for Templates - Blogger !!!!

    I found a few good templates for blogger. Nowadays every one has a blog and not evry one is good at XML,XHTML,CSS,HTML , hence i hope it will be of use to many. Lets Make it into a sticky. Add links to templates u created or u saw on the web ! links ...
  14. M

    MSGS Convert To NOkia New

    Hello Frnds. I have stored many msgs to my SE K508 in templates can i send them to my nokia 5200??/ any trick..
  15. webgenius

    How to use web templates

    I got some web templates. How can I use it to design my own site?
  16. P

    Insert Details Nokia 6681

    How do I insert details such as numbers when I'm writing message with my nokia 6681. There is an insert option but only "templates" come up. This has become very inconvenient when I want to insert numbers when I'm texting.
  17. S

    How can i get my complete group policy back ???

    :mad: In my group policy some of the components are completely disappeared after, when I used system mechanic on my system, I’m using windows xp pro. sp2 at this time. For example , When I go to administrative templates through è Start – run – gpedit.msc – user configuration -...
  18. deepak.krishnan

    A flash based web designer please!!!

    Hi friends, I want to make a website for personal purposes. But I am not much aware of the codings and other stuff in flash. So can you suggest me a software which will help me to make a flash website(with templates)?
  19. P


    hi friends.. happy that now there r no restrictions to blogspot.com do uknow..where can i get excellent templates for this blogger??? and how to edit these templates?? i cudnt find the proper colum width etc in the html code given into it..! where teh correct code for column width is...
  20. iMav

    Signatures in emails

    how can i add images as headers and footers to email ...... not in outlook i am aware about outlook's templates thing but i want something for gmail and hotmail as outlook's images are shown as attachments
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