1. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Windows 10 get for FREE

    Install the Technical preview and you get to upgrade to retail version. Free. Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 to anyone who tests it | The Verge MS did a flip flop, its now free again but without a license. May be it means you don't get support for free. Since you are technical preview...
  2. Revolution

    Help Me To Buy ISOGRAPH Technical Set

    H, I need ISOGRAPH Pen for technical drawing(architecture student). I don't know exactly .1 + .3 will do the job done or not. If any technical student(architecture/civil) using these things please help me. And what gms is good for A2 gateway tracing paper ? I tried few shops(not each and every...
  3. D

    msi technical help no more available in india??

    I'm looking to buy msi motherboard. But from last some days msi india site is not functional and there technical help line is not working also. Is there something wrong with msi???
  4. sumonpathak

    Seasonic Eco 600W technical Report

    Allright sure by now you have seen my unboxing Seasonic Eco 600W unboxing and preview So here goes our humble try to do a technical report on the PSU, Seasonic Eco series is slated as a competitor to the Corsair VS or the Cooler Master thunder series(price wise)so we will be judging...
  5. C

    Buying TV LCD or LED with full HD

    Hi Guys, Need suggestions for buying a TV.... I am a novice not much can i say on technical aspect... hence have truned for your help.......:-o So as a beginner below is the list which i require..... your help is required on the technical and suggestion for best possible TV set that i can...
  6. H

    How is Sony ericsson-Live With Walkman????

    I'm thinking of buying it.How is it??? Are there any technical issues with it. Or its best in its segment???
  7. S

    Need Help to build a website

    Hey! I know this is a very common topic but what i m looking for is a comprehensive reply...i have tried to follow some earlier threads but was not able to figure out much as i m not comfortable to all the technical any help is much i m rly srs abt doing this...
  8. N

    Big Fool Airtel broadband services.

    How many of us are using Airtel Broadband ?? Dam..One of my friend applied for Airtel broadband and received a call from Airtel representative that they regret to inform but due to technical feasibility they are not able to provide broadband services to him..and guess what ?? He's my...
  9. Psychosocial

    Wierd LCD problem

    Been a loooong time since I posted here. Was kinda immersed into other stuff. Anyways, so here I am back at Digit to be with the good ol' geeky folks! Well I have gotta a problem right now with my LCD. I dunno how to explain it. It was working fine until the morning but when switched it on at...
  10. S

    cloud operating system

    anyone know about eyeOS which is a cloud computing operating system...i need to collect information on this,since i have already done with many thngs related to this....i am lacking with technical needed information for my technical seminar which i am interested in..... so ppl who are interested...
  11. max_demon

    unfomedia scam or legit ?

    hello , my friend has taken part in their program in unfomedia data typing 2 program . they have given work to write 600 pages in 30 days but he is not able to complete , they have stupid Tos . he is asking me to check for its genunity , i am not able to find anything...
  12. R

    Need info for Cyber Security courses in India

    Hi, I did my BE in IT. Want to do M.Tech now. I heard of Cyber Security courses offered in various colleges. The fact that it is interesting, I want to pursue this course. However, I don't know what aptitude and technical qualities an aspirant should have for this course. Could anyone guide me...
  13. V

    32" TV or Monitor

    Which is the best 32 or 35 inch LCD Monitor for seminars and live shows? Hi, I need suggestions for buying a best 32 or 35 inch LCD Monitor or a TV. Typically it would be used for our Personality Development Programs conducted in Halls which can accomodate on average of 40 people. Will...
  14. crystalboi

    Need Help ..Urgent!!!

    Hello I am right now in final year of my engineering(CSE) . I have given a few entrance exams for MBA and even managed to get call from few decent institutes like ICFAI. But now I am thinking to pursue my career in technical field only. So is it better to do MBA in field of IT in such...
  15. R

    internet troubleshooting

    I'm using BSNL broadband 256kbps,type 1 modem,connecting via usb I'm getting an error which says win32 error whick contains EventType : BEX P1 : svchost.exe P2 : 5.1.2600.2180 P3 : 41107ed6 P4 : netapi32.dll P5 : 5.1.2600.2180 P6 : 411096ac P7 : 0000a3c0 P8 ...
  16. P

    2G and 3G mobiles

    Guys and all the techies present here..its a request..i have a paper presentation based on the above mentioned subject..can any one lemme know where will i find stuff regardin it..history,future,consequences and every technical and non technical thing.. please do help!! -------------- phoenixrulez
  17. S

    Unix Or Linux???

    hi i hv some ques. for u guys......plz help me what are the major diff. in between UNIX N LIUNX? which is more secure n how? plz tell me as per technical view n business ...
  18. R

    Calcuttans !! help . I am coming to kolkata. now about

    well nothing technical ... I have my HTC touch mobile and a apple macbook laptop and a prehistoric ipod mini which is more than enough for me . I am asking you about food . tell me some GOOD resturants in kolkata . I was in kharagpur for few year s upto 2003 so time to...
  19. victor_rambo

    Don't buy Exatt Broadband, they are CHEATS

    This is my letter to the Exatt Broadband over their under-satisfactory service. The problem was that I was getting getting almost no download speed during the night hours. I complained to them for 3 days consecutively but they didn't seem to bother.
  20. Cyrus_the_virus

    Brazil Votes 'NO' to OOXML

    uesday, March 25 2008 @ 08:07 PM EDT Another No to Microsoft's OOXML, this one from Brazil. Avi Alkalay has the news: Updated: Czechia however has voted Yes, which changes from their earlier Disapprove, adding these extraordinary words: Hahahaha. "Maximum...
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