1. dheeruymv1212

    Prob wit Web serverrrrrrrr

    hi guysss, I have 2 systems in my network(beside me)....in which my servlet deployed in apache needs to respond to the client request i.,e to get accessed in another PC .....What is the method thru apache tat i can deploy it on the other system...........
  2. dheeruymv1212

    Problem wit tomcat apache version 5.5.12

    hi guysss, I have 2 systems in my network(beside me)....in which my servlet deployed in apache needs to respond to the client request i.,e to get accessed in another PC .....What is the method thru apache tat i can deploy it on the other system........... please help me out...
  3. danantha

    Info abt EA cricket 07

    Hi, can we play two player game in EA cricket 07 by using the joystick or game pad for one player and keyboard for another player. Is tat possible in cricket 07. Bcoz, even after using the AI patch from planetcricket, gameplay is still not tat much good.
  4. anzaan

    loading xp n linux...

    hi ppl.. i m thinking to load xp n linux in my pc. i gt 4 partitions C,D,E,F. i already have xp in my system(in C). nw i want to load linux in F partition. the Q is... the data tat r in D n E drive... will i be able to acces those data from linux as well or not?? kindly reply..
  5. R

    3d desktop support for linux???

    hi ppl... i've nvidia geforce 8600m gt graphics card.... am using mandriva 2008.. when try to activate 3d desk top it says tat my card doesnt support 3d....actually my card supports 3d and it works well in vista.... wats the sloution to this...i am open source enthu...if i cud get the compiz to...
  6. anzaan

    firefox hangs!! help

    hi.. my firefox hangs very frquently.. its been such a trouble tat i have shifted to using IE nw. it started wen i installed the campus edition of firefox. and some add-ons liek stumble.. after tat my firefox keeps hanging after a few mins of use. i tried installing other versions also...
  7. K

    How to activate Airtel Hellotune..!!!

    Sum1one help me out lost 3rs whle trying to activate hellotune via SMS ,tat wat their site told..:mad: But now hellotune changed..:evil: later on i learned tat u need to activate before smsing the code...dum1 cud help out here..??
  8. K

    Visarjan Aftereffects

    My old trusted cell 6610i has its display gone kaput after Tuesday's visarjan..:( Actually had d cell in pocket bu during visarjan it rained n i forgot tat i had cell in my pocket(but was in plastic).:oops:.so after returning home,I realised d blunder...:( Now it has no display(slight ray of...
  9. Manshahia

    N 91 (8 Gb) V/s N 73 Me

    Which one is better? i hav heard frm a dealer that nokia is giving a scheme in which they hav reduced the Price of N 91 (8 GB) to arnd 15-16K.. CAn anyone verify tat? I want to purchs one of them.. can u plz suggest the best?
  10. P

    guidance in making a website

    hi, i m a physiotherapist and i want to make a website of my own. I dont know anything about t same not even whom to approach........... t only thing tat i know is it can b done starting Rs2000 or so but i've got no knowledge if i'll 've to pay a monthly rent after tat or wat??? plz provide...
  11. Manshahia


    guys m having a webcam.. but i dont hav drivers cd of that cam and i dont knw which company's webcam is tat..its not written over it.. how can i use that webcam??
  12. Vivek788


    Few weeks back,as I was bored...I just went through many options in System Mechanic....and made some changes...!! Now the pop up menu on files and folders has an item called Terminate which is in the place of Properties... This has become trouble as by second nature,to get properties all click...
  13. *GandaBerunda*

    Hoe to hack skool server?

    my skool recently got some new computers 4 da high skool and has all of them connected to a pc running windows 2003. the problem is tat they have applied some restrictions so tat we cannot do anything on the comp, except surf the internet and some open apps. they have even hidden all the...
  14. soumya

    one of my friends have been reported bogus in orkut without any reason

    yup u read it right.....but d thing is there was a competition goin on in a orkut community ''adam and eve'' to judge mr. adam and ms. eve.....the thing is tat my friend was taking part in ms. eve and was second at d time of writing and wud surely hav overtaken to d pole position...now we are...
  15. vish786

    how to uninstall xmms player in linux

    due to some problem xmms player is not opening... i wanna uninstall xmms player.... how can i do tat?????????????
  16. *GandaBerunda*

    Lock internet explorer homepage

    as i am not the only one using my computer...i want to lock IE Hompage and other settings so tat nobody changes it..how ddo i do tat? i am using windows xp (ie 6.0) + win98 (IE 6.0<)...i want to lock for both the os'es....
  17. P

    p2p blocked!!!

    hi my coll has blocked all p2p networks... i'm of the understanding tat all p2pz use a tcp port and tat is wat my coll has blocked.... any help regarding this will be appreciated!!!
  18. *GandaBerunda*

    Antique Pc

    i have a friend who has a age old comp and wants to get a new one,can u tell me wat he can expect 4 this? i know tat it will be worth peanuts.. p2 processor 32 mb ram 2 gb hdd sony cd-r FDD
  19. A


    hi, is it just a myth or a fact tat lcd monitors are not good for gaming??
  20. K

    "slipstreaming" softwares!!!!!

    hi all well i saw a cd of WIN XP. while d windows was being installed from tat cd, it insatalled f following softwares too 1) adobe reader 2) winRAR 3) winamp........ n some others too. i wanna kno how was this possible. is there nesoftware tat can do this???????? thnzzz in advance
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