1. The Sorcerer

    Discussion: Gigabyte India changed their service policy for motherboard RMA

    Gigabyte India sent the following message, should be of use to some folks here:
  2. H

    Pc nt starting.....partially

    Guys..whenever i start the pc...i get 2 optns...press del for setup& press tab 4 bios post...i tried ol d 2 optns& aftr tat it shows plz choose d crrct boot optn and restart again....plz help..
  3. krishnandu.sarkar

    Help Me Configuring VLAN in NetSim

    Hie....I need 2 configure VLAN in ths way 4 Routers 4 Switch(Each connected to each router) 8 PC's (2 PC's connected to each switch) Tat is:(The design wud be) Router 1----------Router 2---------Router 3------------Router 4 Switch 1----------Switch 2---------Switch 3-----------Switch...
  4. K

    Aniframes-Blore--sugessions plss

    hello frenz i hav chose aniframes-blore for doin VFX course n i donno hw tat institute is...so plss giv sugession abt tat training institute....n i m a noob in vfx n i ringed thm.....thy sed it ll take 8months (6months maya + 2 months VFX) wit a fee of 50k.....is maya realli needed to be studied...
  5. ay_aceoo7

    LG monitor....plz help..

    i bought a new LG W1941S before 3 weeks ....the problem is tat my refersh rate is 60hz i can't get it above tat...but i found in one site that the maximum i can get is 75 hz...so can u plz tell me y i can't tat refresh rate....
  6. ay_aceoo7

    DVD writter problem...plz help...

    When i insert a plain dvd into ma dvd writter it's showing like tat mentioned in tat picture i uplaoded....and it's aslo showing "Free space":0 bytes and "Total size":0 bytes....y is this showing like this... The image is Uploaded below see tat i mean in ma next post...chk out..
  7. ay_aceoo7

    wat's the cost of 4gb ddr2 ram{800 mhz}?

    wat's the cost 4 gb ddr2 800mhz ram and also i want to buy a Graphics card tat is above 9series and the price shuld be below 5k?
  8. ay_aceoo7

    want to buy a system below 15k....

    I wanna buy a new system excluding monitor,dvd writter and Ups ....and i am interested in games too...i want a graphics card tat is above 9 series and 4gb ram{800mhz} and a pretty good motherboard and processor too...
  9. Panchu

    Handheld Video Player!

    Hey guys, Im a movie geek and I wanna buy a handheld video player tat I can watch movies on the go. Plz recommend some models tat wouldn't burn a hole in my pocket, but still give me a good viewing experience. It should play DivX format.
  10. anzaan

    BSOD.. machine chec exception... frequent restart... failt to restart

    hi ppl.. my system is going thru a really bad phase. i hv an AMD 64 bit processr bougt in 2005. 512 mb RAM i gt BSOD(blank screen of death) wit the machine_check_exception also my system restarts frequently also sometimes it simply refuses to start before a few try. there was a short...
  11. R

    Microphone not working plz help..

    I bought my com a year ago..From tat time am having tat prob...I asked my technician about it but he is telling tat might be because of software issues and he is telling me to reinstall xp...I have already installed xp many a times..But stil am facing the same issue.. I have 2 ports front and...
  12. george101

    Requirements for ATi HD4850!!!

    guys am planning to buy hd4850.. my current config is E6300, intel dg965ss, 1x2gb 667Mhz ram, 500gb and 2x250gb HDD, i-ball gamer cabin + default 400W PSU tat came with mobo.... i dnt knw much abt ati graphics cards and dnt knw which brand to go for... plz reply which one shud i go for along...
  13. ashu888ashu888

    .iso displayed as .rar (archieved)

    Guys, i hv an ISO file (in compressed rar format) which (in its original state) shud be displayed as a image file after extracting using winRAR 3.71, but sum how i do not knw wat, after i extract that RAR file, i DO NOT get an ISO image file (tat same blue colored file&cd icon tat we get...
  14. prasath_digit

    Is Gaming a Childish Activity? ( In India )

    Have u ever been insulted or scolded for playing games, i've been insulted a few times by some idots, they say like : "Why r u playing still playing games like a child?", "Please turn that off", "What is this stupid thing on the screen gonna do for ur career?".................... All of these...
  15. Vivek788

    mp4 to avi

    I want to do mp4->avi in linux..I use ubuntu...please suggest an easy tool allow me to do tat..i couldn't figure out how to use avidemux.
  16. P

    pls help me on multiple boot screen of windows

    hi ,i have installed xp in one drive and vista in another for some reason i deleted vista n xp was telling ntldr missis n even xp was not booting so wit help of xp cd i repaired that problem in bootcfg command in tat i added something rebuild n etc i dont know wat it now my xp boots but at...
  17. Vivek788

    Bootloader issues

    Hi all...I used to run my Ubuntu and Windows using my sata hard disk happily. Recently I got my old IDE HD repaired..so I installed fedora on one of its partitions. The bootloader of fedora was set to MBR ie. hd0..my sata. But on loading,the bootloader showed only Windows and Fedora,my...
  18. R

    Not able to install xp pl help me?

    I jus want to overwrite my old xp..bec i got so many errors..so i jus tried to install by clickin on the setup icon..the installation opened..After tat wen i cliked to Install xp from the "what you want to do list" it gave me an error saying "Setup cannot continue because the version of windows...
  19. R

    Not able to log into "Safe MOde"...?

    Am not able to log into safe mode..After i restart and select safe mode it stopped loading at "multipartion/.........../.../......../.......Mup.sys.." I waited for abt 15-20mins too but after tat it is not responding at all...please help me i need the safe mode very urgent...And one more...
  20. sganesh

    problem of installing NetbeansIDE 6.0 in Open Suse 10.3

    Hi Guys, I installed sucessfully jdk by issuing following command to terminal sh jdk-6u3-linux-amd64-rpm.bin then i installed netbeans by sh netbeans-6.0-linux.sh installer opened up,everything was fine, netbeans icon was added to start menu, but when i click tat netbeans icon,nothing turned...
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