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i hv an ISO file (in compressed rar format) which (in its original state) shud be displayed as a image file after extracting using winRAR 3.71, but sum how i do not knw wat, after i extract that RAR file, i DO NOT get an ISO image file (tat same blue colored file&cd icon tat we get either for .nrg or for .iso)

I again get a .rar file !!!

i need to mount this iso file, but i cant for the simple reason tat it is jus NOT displyed as ISO image.. plz help..

I hv Win XP PRO SP3 and winRAR 3.71


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^^Thats because you associated WinRAR with .ISO while installing it. Uninstall and Re-Install WinRAR but this time, do not select the .ISO format when it asks for the associations.


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Oh boy easy dont worry 2 ways

1st Mode-Fire up [open up ] WinRaR
Goto Options > Settings > Integration > Deselect ISO

2nd Mode-Open Windows Explorer or click on My Computer
Goto Tools > Folder Options > File Types > Find out .ISO file type from the list shown
In the Details Choose "Open with" Then "Change Button"Associate with the program you want it to open



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thanx to both of u guys...esp. arzuneos..as both the options said by u made it really work..coz in tools > folder options > file types, there was no ISO extension mentioned, so created a new extension named ISO and in the advanced tab selected nero disk image as its suitable app.. and it did the trick :)


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You can also use some great utilities for mounting ISO files which may sometimes save time and dvds.Try Daemon tools/Alcohol120% or PowerISO . All these 3 are the best virtual drive softwares.


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Daemon tools FTW. And you can also just simply open that ISO with Nero or Magic ISO without meddling with integration.
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