1. Charley

    Bangalore BSNL Broadband Tariff & FTTH

    Did BSNL increase tariff for Rs. 845 plan to Rs. 875 from 1.1.2016? I don't see it mentioned anywhere. How is BSNL FTTH compared to BSNL broadband? What is the setup process for FTTH?
  2. S

    URGENT: Wishnet Kolkata tariff validation required.

    Hello friends, I have been using Wishnet for a few years now. My cable operator "South End Telelink" in Regent Estate in south Kolkata has been giving me "Bronze Super" unlimited plan. He charges me Rs 500 every month. Recently I checked the Wishnet website and saw that "Bronze Super" is...
  3. P

    Tariff Check - Calling all Siti Broadband 1Mbps unlimited users in Kolkata

    Hello friends I would like to know how much you guys pay for using Siti Broadband 1 Mbps unlimited connection in Kolkata My LCO is charging me Rs 400 extra than the price shown in invoice. But before I confront him with this, I would like to know how much other users are paying So...
  4. V

    TRAI allows partial free national roaming, reduces ceilings on tariffs

    Source - Think Digit
  5. C

    If I get a set top box in rural areas, can I apply for Cable internet?

    If so, how do I do it? How is the tariff?
  6. C

    Good OMH Sim in India

    My Friend having Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA. He asked me to suggest him a good OMH Sim. He want's Good Internet Tariff.
  7. socrates

    Airtel hikes tariff on intl calls by up to 10%

    End of good times? :( Airtel hikes tariff on intl calls by up to 10% - Hindustan Times
  8. Vyom

    Power tariff revised in Delhi, hike by upto 22%. CM justifies this increase.

    There's a reason to be worry for all power downloaders out here! 22 per Cent Hike in Electricity Tariff :( :( :( :( :( :(
  9. V

    BSNL BB Tariff revised,Home 500 kicked out

    BSNL has revamped is BB Tariff and struck out some of the plans including Home 500 (night UL with 2.5 GB free data usage with regards, vaithy
  10. paroh

    Water to cost more for Delhiites from New Year

    Source New Delhi, Dec 1 (PTI) Denizens will have to shell out more money for water in the capital from New Year with the city government today announcing new tariff for the precious commodity besides deciding to charge for the first 6,000 litres per month which were earlier given free...
  11. ajaybc

    BSNL mobile TV REVIEW

    Yesterday I accidently stumbled across Mobile TV service in Bsnl customer service IVR.I stay at hostel and come home only on weekends.So i thought it to be a nice option for me. BTW Tariff plan is like this: 1 channel 1day-10 1 channel one month-50 All channels 1month-150 So the tariff...
  12. M

    Trai issues new tariff order for pre-paid top ups

    Mobile phone subscribers will now be able to avail of better value for their pre-paid top ups, according to the new tariff order and direction issued Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) . As per the recent directives subscribers are entitled to get full talk time on talk time...
  13. chicha

    site to help you pick the right tariff plan

    this site will help you choose a right tariff plans, all you got to do is upload your mobile phone bills on this site, it matches to the current offers and suggests you a good one. source: Business Line(bangalore). PS: currently works only for POST-PAID PLANS. have not tried yet.
  14. M

    Airtel super lifetime plan

    Well as everyone knows 1rs every call plan by airtel with shahrukh ad.... Now i have a doubt..i had this plan but daily 1.5 rupees is deducted frm my account... Now on reading from airtel site it mentions All existing 999 Lifetime and ELTV subscribers would automatically get Re 1 tariff...
  15. abhinandh

    BSNL Netone Tariff

    can anybody tell me the tariff for bsnl netone.their website says rs0.10/min + normal call charges(pstn dialup).how much is it in total for an hour during peak??
  16. niks999

    ATTENTION: Dataone Tariff changed from Jan 1

    Hey guys, BSNL have changed their tariff from 1st January, 2007!!! And its gr8!!! Download speed now is much better with more Download limit!!! Check out :- *www.bsnl.co.in/service/dataone_tariff.htm :p :) :eek: :smile: :o
  17. techtronic

    Game Package Tariff Announced by BSNL

    Finally after a long wait Dataone's Game Package Tariff have been announced Source : *bsnl.co.in/newsdetailed.php?news_id=337
  18. mohit

    BSNL Launches "One India'"

    BSNL AND MTNL LAUNCH "ONE INDIA PLAN" FROM 1st MARCH, 2006. BOTH THREE MINUTES LOCAL AND ONE MINUTE STD CALLS TO COST RS. 1.00 Keeping in view its commitment to provide low cost and affordable telephone services to the common man of India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)...
  19. L

    Reliance launches One Nation, One Tariff

  20. K


    What is the tariff for Orange prepaid GPRS in Mumbai.
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