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  1. debarshi

    Target Hacked, Credit Cards and Private Data for 40 Million Stolen

    And this, below, is what Target has to say Source: Techcrunch Lifehacker This is real bad news, folks. With Flipkart launching Payzippy, another service storing cards and banking data, this does not look good at all.
  2. ratul

    World of White-Hat Hackers from the eyes of a Black-Hat.

    This isn't new, but i think it's worth sharing, a Black-hat sharing his views on how secure we are, and what our anti-viruses are capable of.. Quite scary and definitely gave me chills... Read more: Interview With A Blackhat Some excerpts that scared me: Update: thought it'd be good if i...
  3. V

    Assassin's Creed 1 vs Assassin's Creed 2

    I am on my 3rd playthrough of AC2 & the game has me addicted. Other reason is that I don't have any other shooter game to play right now besides L4D2. Anyways, while playing this game for the 3rd time, I felt like revisiting AC1 so I installed it & started playing it. After like killing 2...
  4. S

    racist attacked on indians..

    recently thera are many racist attack are done on indian... are indians weakest target? is is because of their job are "banglored"? http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/4598887.cms
  5. hskpunjabi

    call of duty running very slow

    hi everyone,i have installed call of duty 1 but it is very slow,training part was working fine but next level is too slow,one cant even target anyone.. my system config. is 1gb ddr ram,P4 HT 3.06 GHz,ATI Radeon 9600..
  6. D

    fatal error C1189: #error : WINDOWS.H already included.

    Hello all, My stdafx.h file contain: #pragma once // Modify the following defines if you have to target a platform prior to the ones specified below. // Refer to MSDN for the latest info on corresponding values for different platforms. #ifndef WINVER // Allow use of features specific to...
  7. abhijit_reddevil

    500 TCS employees quit after annual appraisal

    Quit or sacked?:confused: http://www.rediff.com/money/2008/feb/05tcs.htm Anyone here knows anyone who had this experience? Is Cognizant following suit?:oops: Is it our turn next?:( IBM has already started sacking. I guess this is what happens when your main target is increasing employee...
  8. T

    Knowing target locations of installed applications

    Hi friends! Is there any way to know all the target locations of files of the installed applications? Like when a software is installed , where all it writes its files , including the registry. Is there any software or any method to monitor and retrieve ? Thanks in advance.
  9. saurabh kakkar

    folder on desktop with target on another drive

    hi i wana have a folder on my desktop whose target location can be set to another drive just like My document which have the option to set the target location . Is there any way ? plz tell.
  10. L

    save Target As' Option Is Shaded On Right Mouse Click

    hi to all , as mentioned above `save Target As' Option Is Shaded On Right Mouse Click , since the time i have reloaded windows following a virus attack . please help
  11. L

    `save Target As' Option Is Shaded On Right Mouse Click

    HI , TO ALL , I HAVE P4 XP, My problem is the save target as option on right mouse click is coming shaded since i have reloaded windows 2 months back because of a trozan attack, now i have anti virus norton .
  12. webgenius

    How to make XP default boot target with vista?

    I want to dual-boot XP and vista. How can I make XP the default boot target?
  13. Chetan1991

    Challenge for the veterans!!

    I'm a 15 year old boy and have posted mere 44 posts but I don't think i used any offensive thing that i got that red box:cry: . :D Hi hi hi hi!!:D I've made a great challenge for all of you!!a file is attached which you can download to your comp and use your wit to open it. But I don,t think...
  14. N

    help wid JS urgently

    Okay, here goes. I got the script below from the internet. It creates a slideshow with clickable images. Each image in the slideshow can be the link to a unique URL. Problem is, when I click on an image, the target URL opens in a new window, which I don't want. Is there anyway to tweak it...
  15. aditya1987

    Controlling Computers Over LAN?

    Hi friends, I want to know, if there is any software to control other computers with mouse and keyboard over lan without the notice of person who is working on the target computer. I want to see his desktop screen on my computer. Thanks in advance. WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY!
  16. M


  17. sujithtom

    Broadband prices may fall further-Rediff

    Source: http://in.rediff.com/money/2005/oct/13broad.htm Why are they trying to reduce cost now?? If u ask me now they should try to spread it throughout India and broadband must reach even in remote villages.
  18. J

    counter strike 1.6 cheats

    :lol: hey, does anyone know any cheats 4 cs 1.6??? i've heard ab't a cheat in which the cross-hair colour changes when u shoot on target. does anyone know it???
  19. kunwar

    how do i enter cheats in callof duty:united offensive???????

    something has to be typed in target box. pleaseee help me. i got the cheats but help me in in entering the"appropriate thing" in target box.
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