500 TCS employees quit after annual appraisal

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..and see the add below:



Hey looks like it's the same person posting the same thing twice! I know its kind of serious issue but do you have to post it twice?


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^OMG :rolleyes: yet to click on the brain :lol:

@luckystar:enable cleartype font-rendering in ur windows OS.it really hurts the eye ur screenshot :p


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We should rather read "FORCED TO QUIT "
At least TCS is better than IBM...They at least give time to get better..


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I heard it was sacking , and that all of the guys had less than 2 years experience.
But then again, it was just what i heard from friends of friends ,
so no guarentees. :p


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yes its not "QUIT" ...... bt "KICKED OUT" ...... feel very sad 4 these guys ......... whot trauma theymust b going through ....


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I was in TCS around 2 years back. There the HR's main motive was to increase the headcount by any means, not look for quality.:(:mad:


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Can't rely on these Bulk recruiters anymore.
Seems I ll have to do Further studies after my Engg.


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The situation is not-so-good for freshers either! 90% are not happy. Be it any IT Services company.

I was placed in TCS, but didn't join this year. Haf applied to universities for my higher education (MS). I'm happy with the decision I took :)


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well the situation is not that good i believe. i read in the newspaper that one woman employee of infy mysore committed suicide. the suspected cause seems to be work pressure. the article spoke about the inhumane work hours to freshers. and also spoke of high pressure training. it said that the training of 3 months was being completed in 1 month. indian IT companies bid for work at the lowest rates and pay their empolyees even less.


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It is good to have jobs than no jobs. As far as I know, all these companies are not good for freshers. But once you have some experience, you can make your way. IBM is still better than the Indian companies in terms of number of projects they get and the quality of projects.

Also to add, if you want less visibility but good brand value, go for big companies and if you want more visibility but do not care about brand value, go for startups. Both have their share of advantages and disadvantages.
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