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  1. Shah

    Jayalalithaa announces IPTV for all households, Amma Internet on the way?

    Jayalalithaa announces IPTV for all households, special wheelchairs - The Hindu https://tamilglitz.in/amma-internet-by-jayalalitha-coming-soon/ So, the government of TN promises High Speed Internet for affordable prices. Neither speed nor the price was mentioned anywhere though. I am not...
  2. M

    Change home network

    Hi friends I would like to know some information regarding mobile network.I am using idea mobile service from Kerala and due to some job related matters I will be gone to Tamil Nadu and I would like to retain my existing number.Is it possible I mean can I transfer my Kerala idea network to...
  3. R

    English to tamil dictionary

    Hey guys kind of weird query from me.. Leaving home for job.. Is there any software for pc and android(preferably) that translates English to tamil but using english text only not tamil. Thank full for everyone's reply
  4. Anish

    Tamil in Arkham!!!

    Hello, Have any of you noticed this while playing arkham asylum?
  5. Neuron

    The Mullaperiyar Dam Controversy.

    Current Status. Report of the examination committee. In case the dam fails. The solution. Share your thoughts. :smile:
  6. M

    Usage of foreing Keypad in Samsung FIT

    Hello Everybody, I have installed few forieng languages Keypad (like Tamil font, Spanish, German) but its not being shown in the default SWYPE keyboard. I also tried enabling it. but dont knowhow to make usage of tamil font & keypad that i installed it SAMSUNG FIT. pls help. Thanks
  7. Pragadheesh

    colleges in tamil nadu closed indefinitely.

    all colleges in tamil nadu are closed indefinitely as students are protesting to show their anger against sri lankans firing against ltte.. also all the hostelites in most colleges are asked to vacate the hostel immediately.. people from outside far off places have no options left than moving...
  8. B

    Little known / forgotten things. Share which ones you know

    Looking at some Tamil Map's thread, it suddenly struck me that somewhere I had overheard that when it was being decided about our National language, Tamil was one of the contenders and it lost to Hindi by only 1 vote! (in the parliament, I guess) I tried looking for this information, but in...
  9. S

    Best DVD Writer

    I want to know which is the best DVD Writer right now .Am in Tamil Nadu,India
  10. drgrudge

    Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in WW 3

    Note: This is a BS thread. Might contain words/language which might offend you. This is a rant and might waste your time. If you're sensitive or not thick skinned, please leave the thread. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in WW 3 (Water Wars 3 :D). If you're wondering what's the problem...
  11. praka123

    Actor Raghuvaran passes away

    NDTV Correspondent Wednesday, March 19, 2008: A popular Tamil actor Raghuvaran passed away this morning. He was 60. The versatile star acted in Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam films. He was also a favourite of Rajinikanth and has acted with the superstar in many films including...
  12. L

    MUST SEE Tamil movie: Yaarukku yaro, Sam Anderson HERO

    OMG, If you havn't seen this movie... please see it!! You can console yourself that this is the worst!!! Unfortunately, the movie is only in tamil... This superhit movie will be dubbed/even remade sooner or later I guess.. Otherwise.. bollywood is seriously missing a spicy one! to give a clue...
  13. drgrudge

    South Indian Regional Movies/Kollywood Vs Bollywood

    There has been a lot of bashing on Kollywood/Mollywood/Tollywood movies here. I think, quality wise or the movie on the whole is in the same level as Bollywood. Atleast Tamil movies. JYFI, I watch Hindi and Tamil movies. I'm going to keep my arguement to Tamil (Kollywood) and Bollywood only...
  14. Batistabomb

    Best Indian Actor

    What's your choice among these : 1. Amitabh 2. Rajnikanth 3. Kamal Hasan 4. Chiranjeevi 5. Mammotti 6. Mohan Lal 7. Sharukh 8. Salman 9. Amir Khan 10. Mahesh Babu(telugu) 12. Vikram (Tamil) 13. Vijay (Tamil) 14. Hritik 15. Akshay Kumar 16. Ajay Devgan 17. Raj Pal Yadav 19...
  15. koolbluez

    SeventyMM... howz it?

    Any subscribers? Are they having as many movies as they say they have? Most languages? I'm a movie freak... do I get the latest (dvd released) movies in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam... What's the price.. is ther a difference between DVD/CD rentals... howz the delivery promptness? Is...
  16. M

    Too hurting.....

    In reply to: http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48541 http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48564 In the above posts thunderbird.117 has hurt Tamils and proved himself an anti-Tamil. thunderbird.117, i understand that you are an anti-Tamil. But so much of...
  17. g_suresh_mps

    Digit [Tamil] Fast Track - A Glimpse

    Dear Digit Team, I am Suresh . G From Chennai Tamil Nadu I feel happy to say that i saw Digit Mag on Stands with Tamil Fast Track of Microsoft Office 2003 Once my Grand pa asked me to Teach him the Important Softwares which we use to Simplify our Tasks using word excel power point now i am free...
  18. M

    IndiChat - YIM plugin allows to chat in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil

    Edited Edited
  19. S

    Where can I get OpenSuSE and Fedora Core 5 In Tamil Nadu??

    Can anyone out there tell me where I can get OpenSuSE and Fedora Core 5 In Tamil Nadu
  20. S


    I planned to buy a new mobile here in tamil nadu can u please suggest the mobile and their price in tamil nadu Nokia 6600 Sony Ericsson k700i Sony Ericsson T610 and many more if u suggest under 10k very urgent.....please...,
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