Accounting software with latest features and lowest costing


Right off the assembly line
Hey guys! I ve been using this new accounting s/w which is way handier than tally. It is called Express Accounts and is created by Proinfocus - a software and internet solution company. Here are some Key features of express accounts.
It provides you with:
-Business Snapshot right on your Mobile which shows latest Cash Balance, Net Sales, Receipts, Payments, Sales Invoices generated & Top 5 Products sold (Quantity-wise) (free feature but requires explicit request)
-Integrated Address Book software to manage contacts of Family, Relatives, Friends and Business and generate Labels for Invitation, List out Birthdays, Anniversaries, Appointments, Send SMS, etc.
-Free 1000 SMS Credits inclusive with the Package (requires explicit request)

The best part is that its costs only Rs.4999 inclusive of all taxes which is 1/3rd the price of tally!! The number to call if you are interested in viewing a demo of Express Accounts (it allows 100 free transactions) is 9500007144
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