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In the zone

iam in delhi. i want to activate a plan which airte says that it will charge 99 rs and i will be able to surf net on my phone

so my question is........

1) is that true??

2) can i surf net on my computer instead of mobile

3) r there any extra charges




Broken In
yes there are many charges:
Step by step
1)It is true!!!
2)U can suf computer as well as on ur mobile.
3) Download Charges per mb & Browsing charges will also be applicable from next months

Call 121 from ur airtel mobile for further information.


Cyborg Agent
Ya.. can use on PC but by setting up proxy. If airtel Delhi have EDGE on their network as well as your phone support EDGE then you will really get good speeds i.e around 150 kbps because current EDGE network of airtel is mostly upto 150 kbps .

Just make sure its not charged on data transfer basis and dont' ask Airtel CC that how to use it on PC.

Ankur Gupta

Wandering in time...
someone using airtel gprs pls clarify....i am too considering getting the same plan and want to know abt download charges of any...


no u cant b'caz it is NOP(net on phone) only for wap sites

activate mobile office ( u can access both web and wap in this plan)
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