1. ParaXite

    6770m 3D?

    On notebookcheck it says that the 6770m supports 3D but I cannot enable the 3D option in games like crysis 2 (Even with an external monitor). That external monitor supports 3D because my old 9800GT card plays crysis 2 in 3D on that monitor. Why can't I enable it? Also, how to control the fan...
  2. P

    Video player which supports .mts playback

    Any opensource video player which supports .mts video playback as well as I need to take a sample frame from that video and then match the frame with the video to find the number of occurrences and their respective time. I need to automate this process. Any idea about this?
  3. Thunder

    Ram Advice

    Hello Sire I Am building anew rig for myself. The Components i've decided to purchase are Intel Core i5 2400 Intel DH67CL WD Caviar Blue 500GB Bitfenix Merc Alpha/NZXT Source 210 I require some assistance on the Ram Config. I need 8GB Ram (Want to run Dual Channel) . So should i go...
  4. D

    Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 or ASUS M5A88-M?

    Am putting together a new pc & have decided on either Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 or ASUS M5A88-M motherboard. They seem to have pretty much the same features & price (will be buying online). Just want to verify some things first that seem to be in favor of the M5A88 >The 880GM does not support...
  5. S

    Need a free python hosting

    My Udacity classes are about to start on 16th April which will cover how to make a (basic)search engine and the primarily used language will be Python. I am warming up for that course from now. Today it came in my mind that I have no Python in my hosting plan (I am currently using x10hosting...
  6. desiJATT

    Free bootable partition managers

    Guys, i am in need of a free but still fully functional bootable partition manager, which supports all Windows file system, and preferably also supports Linux formats likes ext3, ext4 etc. Also, it should allow all features like merging, deleting, creating new partition or resizing the present...
  7. B

    processor required...

    i want to upgrade my processor from p4 ht 3.00 ghz. my mobo is Intel Desktop Board D945GCNL. which is the best processor it supports? also is it better to upgrade current processor or upgrade to ddr3 config?
  8. C

    Acer liquid mini e310

    Hi, I want to know if acer liquid mini e 310 supports flash paler plugin...
  9. A

    Zinglife Tablet- ZL101 , How to root ?

    I have brought this and tried all apps such as universal android root, z root and even super one click , but rooting this device is of no use cause i don't get root access.Can any one help ,some details are as furnished below Just ordered a fairly basic model from Zinglife ,India and was...
  10. T

    Suggestion needed: Replacement to Intel D845GVSR board

    One of my old system's D845GVSR Intel board died. The technician also said it can't be repaired. The processor is Celeron 2.4 GHz. I think it only supports IDE HDD. I recently (6 months ago) purchased an IDE disk. What is the best replacement board to go for? Do I go for D845 again(it...
  11. P

    Moniter for 6-7k

    Hello, Please suggest me a good HD monitor around 6-7k. I have a Gigabyte 880GM USB3 motherboard which supports HD. Thanks.
  12. socrates

    CyanogenMod 7.1 released, now supports 68 devices!

    One of the most famous custom ROMs in the Android modding community, CyanogenMod version 7.1 has finally been released. CyanogenMod 7.1 released, now supports 68 devices!
  13. J

    Zebronics Multimedia Player ZEB - 1000HDMI

    Watch movie, Listen to music, See Pictures, from USB Flash Drives, USB External Hard Disks or Memory Cards On your TV. Expected Price: Rs 2000 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: 5 months Reason for Sale: Purchased a laptop Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product...
  14. M

    Need a mp3 player under 2000

    Suggest me good mp3 player that have best sound quality within my budget and supports drag and drop for mp3 files.:smile:
  15. R

    Lcd tv 20/22 "

    I am looking for LCD TV 20/22 " as replacement for my exisiting 17" CRT. Which has USB and HDMI and also supports formats DivX/MKV/MPEG4/JPEG/MP3/AAC/WMV/WMA . My budget is around 16K.
  16. S

    Samsung GT-S3850

    Hi I have bought a new mobile-Samsung GT-S3850.It supports theme.Where I can get .Please tell me. android
  17. ashis_lakra

    P35 vs P43

    Hi, I know this is odd as compared to newer generation chipsets, but my games still run bad in g31 chipset.. I don't want to spend for a whole new set of proc + mobo + ram to extract most out of my hd 6850. So, i was thinking of buying a used one p35 or p43 chipset motherboard. I...
  18. MegaMind

    Any Lga 775 mobo.

    Hi guys, my friend is in need of any LGA 775 mobo that supports C2D E8400 cpu. Expected price : 1.5K
  19. Tejas.Gupta

    Samsung Galaxy Fit Vs LG Optimus One

    Which One is Better :?: I don't see much Difference in the two. Galaxy has 5MP camera Where as Optimus has 3MP Galaxy does NOT supports Java where as Optimus Does Can you please help me out :)
  20. A

    htc wildfire or acer liquid mini or lg optimus one?

    m confused b/w these 3 mobiles.which 1 to buy? htc likes- awesome camera and sleek design, supports flash in browser. more than dat its HTC man. dislikes- poor resolution 240*320 and its android 2.1 lg o1 likes- supports divX format, hvga resolution, andr 2.2,supports divX dislikes- poor...
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