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AOC vs Viewsonic

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i hav 2 buy a LCD... my budget is around 8000/-
which of de two (AOC or Viewsonic) is better 4 gaming???
sud i go 4 17" or 19"

plez help


No pain....No gain
Not much price difference between 17" n 19". Also if you are interested in dell then look here http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/products/compare.aspx/19lcd?c=in&cs=indhs1&l=en&s=dhs they have great aftersale service. If you can buy at GO (group order) then the price will be much less.

As for AOC, choose for yourself http://www.aocmonitor.co.in/lcd.html

My friend is using this one http://www.aocmonitor.co.in/197P+.html Its a very good vfm display with height and swiel adjust, also has potrait mode.


Wise Old Owl
yup, think of VS only if u want ultra low budget, yet large TFT displays. Its true for all low end VS LCDs.
But AOC is much better choice, especially for gaming.
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