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  1. tkin

    Need a SSD

    Hi Guys, I'm currently using a WD Black 1TB for both OS and storage. But after prolonged use the disk is slowing down. Specially during boot times. I used to follow a pattern earlier where I kept OS and Storage in two different hard disks, thereby distributing the load, helped when I did...
  2. vanpr7

    Best 120/128 Gb SSD

    As the title says I was looking for a good SSD to add to my rig to increase the performance a little and because of money restrictions I think 120/128e GB should be enough to install the OS and the applications. Plan on keeping all the data and games on my HDD. Had zeroed in on Samsung EVO...
  3. bssunilreddy

    My kingston SSD Benchmark. Is it good, bad or worse!

    Hai, I have bought a Kingston SSDNow V+200 (SVP200S3) 240GB SSD from flipkart.com for Rs.11,500 in May,2013. I dont have any problems with it as of now but it is slower than most of the other SSD's in the market. So I am uploading a Screenshot of my SSD's Benchmark. Please tell me whether it...
  4. V

    New mobo for old SB build!

    Hey guys, it seems that my Asus H67 B2 mobo is showing signs of the '3Gb SATA II ports degrading over time' Intel bug. 2 HDDs connected to those ports just disappeared yesterday & haven't detected since :( So I guess I'm gonna need a new mobo! So please suggest a decent one according to the...
  5. Chaitanya

    SSD buying guide.

    Did not know where to share this link so creating a new thread Best SSDs For The Money: January 2013 : Best SSDs For The Money, January Updates
  6. Chaitanya

    Suggest a new SSD please

    My HDD is dying away so i'm planning to go for a 64 gb ssd + WD caviar blue 500GB.. my budget is 4-5k config e7500@2.93ghz asus p5qpl-am WD green 500gb(:P:oops:) intex 450w smps Also heard that SSD's have limited read/write cycles?? ( here ) Is this true?? will it be a trouble??
  7. Sarath

    When will you buy an SSD?

    Everyone would now or later want to try out SSDs. I am not saying that they would replace HDDs just yet but I know everyone would want to have the speeds of SSDs on their PC. Of course the "Price" is the single most important factor keeping them at bay. So when do you think you will buy an...
  8. Extreme Gamer

    SSDs x2 or Headphones Amplifier and Headphones

  9. bssunilreddy

    What is the price and availability of Strontium SSD's(128GB) in India?

    Hi guys, I called the national distributors and as well as several regional distributors also but I cannot get any prices and they are saying its "out of stock".please help me.I am from Hyderabad.I need to buy the swift series SSD's of Strontium. Here's the link for the...
  10. probir

    all about NEW Technology called SSD

    A quick recap on what a SSD is: You know those flash chips that are used in usb sticks and various memory cards? A SSD is basically several of those chips working in parallel with a controller to bring you higher speed. There are many advantages to a SSD compared to a traditional spinning...
  11. topgear

    Intel Phasing Out SSDs with 50nm Flash

    It's time for the first generation of Intel SSDs to retire and be sent out to the pasture. X-bit Labs reports that Intel plans to discontinue its 1st-generaton of solid state drives manufactured under the 50nm process: the X25-M and the X18-M. While the site doesn't provide a source, we...
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