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  1. pritish_kul2

    Spiderman 3

    I saw spiderman 3 today but i wondered spidey never becomes black. how come they say that he wears a black costume but that was venom
  2. pritish_kul2

    Spiderman 3

    There's Spiderman 3 available on demonoid . but thew problem is it's for PS2. how do i play it on my PC.
  3. esumitkumar

    Hindi main Spiderman ..very funny

    Njoy !!!! http://www.makkadman.com/index.php?ref=rediff
  4. Quiz_Master

    Comic Book Discussion

    Hey guys as we know all guys here are too techie. But techie guys do read comics don't they?:rolleyes: So I thought why not create a thread where we can share our comic reading experience. Well I am currently reading Ultimate Spiderman Series. I am on #93 issue. And I am really liking it...
  5. Goten

    Spiderman 3 Review - By Me :)

    :DLast night I saw Spiderman 3 with my frens. We felt like it is not the best amongst the spidey series. Action is awesome and literally sometimes u feel like its so fast n heavy that u cannot see n understand wats goin on. Since there are three villians in the story so its like three short...
  6. ax3

    Spiderman found DEAD ! ! !

    HOT NEWS from MARVEL comics ............ Finally he`s been killed by his ENIMIES : http://www.marvel.com/ MARVEL COMICS SPIDERMAN ISSUE #76 http://www.marvel.com/dotcomics_dev/view.htm?iid=2522&spd_death=front

    Spiderman 3 Boxart

    Looks good to me!
  8. pritish_kul2

    Spiderman Cheats

    Can anybody help me with the cheats?
  9. pritish_kul2

    help me - urgent

    I got spiderman 1 from my friend. when i tried to install it says there is a spiderman demo in my computer, but i can't find it. i searched the add/remove in control program, and then the search in start. now what the hell should i do. please somebody help me..
  10. A

    Pls Help-"Ultimate spiderman" not running properly

    I recently installed "Ultimate Spiderman" in my system.The game is running ok but not properly,The graphic is too bad- all characters seems like ghosts ,buildings cars charectors all.even thesound in some stages not comes & nor the clips beetween games. pls help me. config. of my PC-is:-...
  11. A

    need "ultimate spiderman' cheats

    need "ultimate spiderman' cheats pls help
  12. kool

    software 4 nokia 3230!! i need!!

    Dear friends, yesterday i bought data cable (DKU-2 usb) for my new NOKIA 3230. Now plz tell me from where i can get .sis software that are compatible with my cellphone?? and what is this S-60? is my phone S-60? i want these software: High quality video recording camcorder...
  13. dreams

    Spiderman The Movie Game Help!!!!

    hello guys.. i was playin Spiderman The Movie Game in my PC last week.. I finished the first 2 levels and came 2 the 3rd level named Oscorps Gambit in which i was to swing in the air around the city and take some pic of myself.. i started swingin and took some pics too.. after tht i was...
  14. kool

    spiderman 2 cheat codes

    i want spiderman 2 cheat codes. plz post soooooooooon here.....
  15. esumitkumar

    Spiderman comics link ???

    can anybody tell where can i download spiderman comics ? one more que how can i add smileys i have downloaded in MSN msgr? thanks
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