1. Skud

    Need 2.0/2.1 speakers within 20-25k

    As per title. Primary usage will be Music, preferred genres classic rock & metal. Speakers with multiple input sources are welcome, if available. So far, shortlisted Swans M200MKII. Is it good?
  2. Desmond

    Battlefield 1

    The next Battlefield is set to be revealed on 6th May. Official countdown page: Even Sources: Battlefield 5 Release: 13 Things to Kno Battlefield 5 Reports: Fans Won't Expect This One; DICE Did an Amazing Work Once Agai Official gamplay trailer...
  3. R

    Where to learn Chinese?

    I want to learn Chinese as i listen that cbse schools have started chinese learning courses. Is that right? Any one can suggest me where can i learn best or from home. Please all suggest best free sources.
  4. ashu888ashu888

    [HELP 2 BUY] x58 Motherboard (LGA Socket 1366)

    Hey Guys, Posting after a long long time, Just wanted to know the various sources from where can I 'still hope' to get a "new" x58 based Motherboard based on LGA 1366 Socket for my 1st Gen. Core i7-920 Processor. Can you guys list/help me with such Sources, Any Brand will do, eVGA, Asus...
  5. snap

    Bethesda's BattleCry

    "BattleCry is Bethesda's new free-to-play multiplayer action game" Sources:
  6. H

    Resolution on Z510 59387057 ?

    Some sources say it is 1366x768 while some say it is full HD. Can anyone with the same exact laptop confirm ?
  7. shreymittal

    Chennai: 11 coaches of passenger train derailed; 2 feared dead

    According to sources, 11 coaches of the Mushafarpur-Yashwantpur Express train derailed near Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu. As per sources, 2 feared dead in the mishap and at least 29 feared injured : Source How they will run WiFi on trains.
  8. T

    Google chooses Qualcomm over Nvidia processors in the next generation of Nexus 7

    Google will launch a new version of its Nexus 7 tablet powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor around July, two sources told Reuters, as the software giant pushes deeper into the cut-price mobile hardware market. Full report: Next-generation Google Nexus 7 to launch in July: Sources -...
  9. Desmond

    No Income Tax Return if income less than 5 lakhs

  10. prabhu.wali

    France's Dassault flies away with $10-b fighter jet deal :D

    NEW DELHI, JAN. 31: The over $10-billion (Rs 50,000 crore) deal to supply 126 fighter jets to the Indian Air Force has been won by the French firm Dassault Aviation SA. The deal is estimated to be the largest Indian defence deal. The number of Rafale aircraft supplied finally could increase as...
  11. sygeek


    Post your rage comics here. What are rage comics? Why create rage comics when you can describe your incident detailed with text? Here are some examples: How do I create one? Rules: You can create your own rage comics either online with rage makers or custom created with a paint tool. Be...
  12. topgear

    ARM-Based Notebooks Are On The Way

    Here comes the first wave of notebooks sporting processors based on ARM's architecture. Unnamed sources are reporting that industry heavyweights Samsung, Toshiba, Acer and Asus are currently working on notebooks using ARM-based processors, one of which is a 13-inch solution from Asus using...
  13. nims11

    How to compile this thing in windows

    how can i compile this software(pdf2html) in windows. pdftohtml - Browse /pdftohtml/pdftohtml-0.39 at it has windows binary so i am sure it can be compiled under windows. i have never compiled software sources under windows before so please help me out. cant find useful help...
  14. hjpotter92

    Trouble with IView, MPC and loads of other softwares

    I recently formatted and reinstalled Xp on my PC and Windows 7 on Laptop. The reason was nothing except that I am having holidays, and had nothing to do in my home. ;) But, well the trouble starts now. I installed IrfanView 4.27, Media Player Classic 6.60, Opera 10.63 and 11 alpha and some...
  15. V

    Technology News

    Apple managers had informed the labels that any music included in Amazon's promotion would receive no promotion at iTunes, music industry sources told CNET in April. In one case, an industry source said then, Apple complained to Sony Music Entertainment after seeing material from Alicia Keys...
  16. desiibond

    Intel rumored to be launching new Core i5, i7 processors September 8th

    Guys, this is big news and hence not posted in CPU/chipset section. Intel's upcoming Core i5-750, Core i7-860 and Core i7-870 CPUs as well as P55 chipsets are expected to be announced on September 8, 2009, according to sources at motherboard makers. Channel market demand is expected to start...
  17. P

    Pentagon Sources: India readied to attack Pakistan

    No intention to create any havoc but if this info from trusted sources to be believed WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- India's air force was preparing for a likely strike against Pakistan following the Mumbai terror attacks, Pentagon sources told CNN. The report quoted three Pentagon officials...
  18. ax3

    google KICKS OUT 10,000 ppl

    Google may be preparing to lay off thousands of workers, if a Silicon Valley information service is to be believed. WebGuild cites anonymous inside sources as saying up to 10,000 Google jobs could be on the way out, with smaller scale layoffs already underway. Quiet Cutbacks "Hundreds" of...
  19. Pragadheesh

    Jerry Yang quits as yahoo CEO

  20. kalpik

    Another blast in Delhi's Mehrauli area

    More at source.
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