Any review on Soundmagic ES19S vs Piston 3 vs Cx 180 II Street ....

    Any review on Soundmagic ES19S vs Piston 3 vs Cx 180 II Street vs Kz ATE vs Ed9 ....?

    Best In Earphones with mic under 1000 INR

    Hi guys,I am in search of earphones for pc and my lumia 525 (Gaming when on pc and Music while on phone)........I have searched on internet I have found some products like 1. SoundMagic ES19 2. SoundMagic ES18 3. Senieser cx 180 Please suggest best one for me ?also suggest other best...
  3. KDroid

    Is MI Piston 3.0 a major upgrade on Soundmagic ES18?

    I've been using Sennheiser CX 180 for the past year. Unfortunately, The left earpiece has started giving me distortion problems. It's under warranty, but I've lost the bill. Also there are only 4 service centers in India. Before that, I used to have Soundmagic ES 18. It was absolute Value for...
  4. T

    Xiaomi Piston 3 comparison?

    I've been reading about these and people are giving them 9 rating. Are they better than T-peos tank popular, Soundmagic E10, VSD3S ?
  5. Nanducob

    [IEM] Soundmagic es18 vs es18s

    Hi, I had es 18 years ago and I loved it.After it died I bought cowon em1.But i didnt like it as much as es 18. So now there is a mic d version of it called es18s.I was wondering if they improved the cable in the new version(es18s)I have no use for the mic but would buy the new version of it if...
  6. z3rO

    IEM for around INR 2000.

    I'm looking forward to get a decent sounding IEM in a budget of 2k. Can extend upto 2.2-2.3k I'll be primarily using it with my cell phone or laptop. Primary usage : Listening to music. Alternative rock, metal, pop, etc. I like bass in IEM but not to the extent where is gets muddy. In the...
  7. L

    compatibility earphones for lumia

    Is " soundmagic ES18 " are compatibility earphones for nokia lumia 520 ?
  8. S

    SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon EM1 vs Creative EP-630

    Hey friends, I recently bought a Moto G.I am not that into listening music even then the stock earphones with the phones are not good enough.I only need the headphones while commuting between home and college.I need your expert advice to choose between these 3 : SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon...
  9. A

    whichoneis best Soundmagic ES18 or Sennheiser CX 180

    Hi all Need a IEM under low budget. My SoundMagic E10 just died and warranty is also over. I was a long time user of PL21 and then E10. I would have gote10again but it is now priced 2200(When i bought it was 1500:-?) and I am on tight budget. So thinking about ES18, but also thinking...
  10. Jay1234

    Please help its urgent Soundmagic es 18 or Denon AH C260

    Its urgent cos I am going to Nainital tomorrow so want earphones so that I can listen music while travelling I have been using Soundmagic Es 18 for like 6 months but yesterday my maid washed my jeans and earphones were in my pocket so they ain't working... I want new pair of earphones should I...
  11. T

    Need Headphones below INR 2000. Replacement for SM MP21. Is ATH-SJ-33 fine?

    1.What is your budget? Ans: Below 2000 INR [<=2000]. 2.What is your need for buying headphone? Ans: Electronic Music, Movies, Videos, Casual Gaming 3.What kind of Headphone do you require? Ans: Circum-Aural, Prefer Open (But both open and closed are fine). Wired. Prefer with Mic (But...
  12. desai_amogh

    IEM under 1k with Soundmagic PL30 like design

    I have a problem, most IEMs don't fit my ears coz i believe my ear holes are smaller than usual (don't laugh plz :P). I used Soundmagic PL30 and found them gr8. They are prefect fit with small buds as they have a small area next to the buds which fits in the surface next tot he ear hole...
  13. Ronnie11

    IEM required for a budget of about 2000/-

    Hey i need a in ear earphones for my phone and sometimes for my computer. I am not looking for bass heavy earphones.Clarity is the most important part along with good noise isolation. Also looking for a good quality build as my previous soundmagic gave away after 2 years. Willing to...
  14. S

    SoundMagic E10 or Skullcandy FIX IN EAR

    Hello guys, I am looking for earphones that I could use for jogging as well as normal use. I am confused between The SoundMagic E10 and Skullcandy FIX IN EAR. SoundMagic is suppose to give a good overall music and Skullcandy is a little bass heavy. But skullcandy has a microphone also...
  15. sandynator

    Best possible upgrade to SoundMagic PL30

    Guys, I want your suggestions for upgrading from soundmagic pl30. Budget below 3k, lesser the better ;). The music source is Nationite N2. Following are my preferences in order.. 1. SoundMagic E30 - @2190 from maniacstore but I doubt their Authenticity OR @2400 from SMC international. 2...
  16. shreymittal

    SoundMagic gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O

    SoundMagic E10 gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O Guys..this happened again my SoundMagic E10 right side ones volume is low as compared to left one.I haven't use them roughly. Going to RMA them again. Can anyone here tell me hows the build quality of SoundMagic MP21 or E30..Help me
  17. sandynator

    [For Sale] {IEM / Earphone} SoundMagic PL30 IEM for sale

    Guys, I'm planning to sell my recently bought SoundMagic PL30 as planning to upgrade soon. I've hardly used for 120 Hrs or max 150 hrs since its purchase. You can find the details below. Model number and details: SoundMagic PL30 Date of purchase: 22/05/2013 Reason for sale: Going to...
  18. H

    IEM for 600 bucks

    I need to gift a pair of IEMs to an acquaintance of mine. I have a budget of Rs 600 only. The earphones will be used only for music (phone) and the occasional movie on a laptop. It needs to have a punchy bass because the person is an EDM lover. Also, the build quality should be decent as...
  19. Cool Buddy

    IEM for ~3k

    I'm looking for IEMs in the range of Rs. 3000. I'll be using this one with my Xperia L and occasionally with my Laptop. I mostly listen to Rock and R&B and some Hindi music. So the mids are most important for me. I'm considering Sennheiser CX 300 II. Is it a good option? Please suggest good...
  20. K

    soundmagic es 18 vs jbl tempo in ear . pls suggest ...

    Pls suggest the best of these two : Choice is only between these two .. Earphones is for my nexus 7 and iPod touch during riding and at home I m a bass lover and as well as listen to rock music .. Kindly suggest based on these .. Soundmagic ES 18 - Online Store JBL tempo in...
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