1. sandynator

    Best possible upgrade to SoundMagic PL30

    Guys, I want your suggestions for upgrading from soundmagic pl30. Budget below 3k, lesser the better ;). The music source is Nationite N2. Following are my preferences in order.. 1. SoundMagic E30 - @2190 from maniacstore but I doubt their Authenticity OR @2400 from SMC international. 2...
  2. Gowt1ham

    Corsair H50,Cooler Master V6 GT, Logitech G15,Patriot 4Gb DDR2 ram, Grand Carrera

    Items on sale-(sry coudnt fit in the Title) 1.DELETED 2.Corsair H50 :sold 3.Cooler Master v6gt : sold 4.Patriot DDR2 RAm 4 gb kit : sold 5.Logitech G15: sold 6.ZTE BLADE: 6.6k 7.Palit GTX 260 216 Sonic edition:3.9k [/B] TX 750, AD700+ Fiio E7, Mx518, HDDS, 955 BE will be on...
  3. rahulbalmuri

    Confused in b/w MSI GTX560Ti Twin Frozr II/OC & MSI N550GTX-Ti Sonic II OC

    MSI GTX560Ti Twin Frozr II/OC is priced at 14500... and MSI N550GTX-Ti Sonic II OC is priced in b/w 8500-9200... these two cards doesn;t seem to have much of a difference b.w theie specs.... then y shouldn't i go for MSI N550GTX-Ti Sonic II OC and save a few bucks...
  4. D

    pls Review the price quotes i got for my i5 2500k build

    Hey everybody, yesterday i visited the 'nehru place/lamington road equivalent' area of hyderabad called ctc. I got some quotes for my upcoming i5 2500k build. I was positively surprised:shock: to find that the prices quoted were much lower than what i read on this forum and online stores...

    Sonic VS Mario

    hi guyz just made this for time pass which cartoon character you like most ... Sonic OR Mario i like sonic the most he looks cool in blue and and is fast... look urself
  6. asingh

    1 GB 4870 vs 512MB 4870 (Palit- Dual Sonic)

    Will the extra 512MB on the 1 GB 4870 Dual Sonic - Palit really make a difference. Will the 1GB GPU give a FPS gain of >10 FPS..or less...relative to the 512MB card..?? The price difference is: ~Rs1,600 (as per itwarez website) I use a 19" DELL Screen. Would want to play at the highest...
  7. comp@ddict

    Palit releases HD4850 SONIC with 512MB GDDR5

    Right, that's not a typo. This is for real. It's basically HD4870 with lesser speed and maybe a little lesser TDP. Now the pricing is unknown, but the hint is towards 150$, that means a Rs. 8000 to Rs. 8500 in INDIA. Now that's SUPERB indeed...
  8. T

    4850 Sonic in New Delhi

    Hey all. I am looking to buy a HD4850 Sonic or Toxic or even a 1Gb edition if its around 12k. Can anyone suggest a shop in New Delhi offering the aforementioned cards? I am having a hard time locating 4850s here. Right now I can only find MSI's R4850 and Gecube's 4850. I'd like a good Factory...
  9. B

    Help:PALIT HD 4850 SONIC

    Palit HD 4850 SONIC or MSI HD 4850 SONIC. Which among the two is better?The former is currently unvailable and the latter is priced at 10.5k.Is it worth waiting for Palit?
  10. P

    Bought view sonic Lcd vx1962Wm Today

    Today i bought view sonic vx1962Wm in chenna for rupees 11,300. Clarity is awesome.
  11. S

    Suggestions for my upcoming gaming rig

    Hi friends , I am buying a new gaming pc in next 2-3 weeks !! heres what i have decided to put in that rig !! Any suggestions ? ASUS P5Q MoBo --Rs. 8150 TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX 4GB RAM at 800MHz and 4-4-4-12 timings (Rs.6400) CPU Q6600 G0 Stepping Rs.10550 PALIT HD 4870 Dual Sonic 1GB Rs...
  12. P

    hi friends planning to buy view sonic vm1962Wm 19Inch monitor?

    Hi friends how is view sonic vm1962Wm 19inch monitor any comments . i am planning to buy this . it has maximum resolution of 1620x1050.
  13. aditya1987

    Palit HD 4850 Sonic OR XFX 9800 GTX+

    Please help me guys, I want do buy a gfx card which one should i go for?
  14. panacea_amc

    Which to choose : Transcend sonic 615/630/650?

    guys i need a desperate help in buyin a mp3 playr. i am confused to Which to choose : Transcend sonic 615/630/650? plz mention the pros n cons of them. thanks
  15. Choto Cheeta

    Quick Look at 19" TFT vx1945wm

    Source >> Choto Cheeta Online Copy + Paste :)
  16. s18000rpm

    Writing on DVD's---Help

    is there any software , with which i can write on a DVD ,which was created without enabling Multi-session. i was backing up my files onto a DVD, & forgot to enable Multi-Session, (i have SONIC Recorder), now i have more than 3GB free space on that DVD. please help me.
  17. A

    15 inch lcd view sonic or 15inch samsung lcd which one

    hello ok which lcd should i go for 15 inch view sonic or a 15 inch samsung the thing is that view sonic has better refresh time 4 mill second thats what i have seen on the digit magzine which one would be good for work on photoshop ,games etc
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