1. Sarang\m/

    The Talos Principle

    As if awakening from a deep sleep, you find yourself in a strange, contradictory world of ancient ruins and advanced technology. Tasked by your creator with solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles, you must decide whether to have faith or to ask the difficult questions: Who are you...
  2. The CyberShot

    Digit CTC 2.0 - Unofficial gossip thread

    Hi guys, if you're here, then you've probably bought the February issue of Digit and tried the Digit Crack The Code (CTC) challenge. Some of you might have solved certain parts of it and then got stuck somewhere while some of you might have cracked the code in it's entirety, but all of you might...
  3. NucleusKore

    Inside India’s CAPTCHA solving economy

    Source: * No CAPTCHA can survive a human that’s receiving financial incentives for solving it, and with an army of low-wagedIndia CAPTCHA breakers human CAPTCHA solvers officially in the business of “data processing” while earning a mere $2 for solving a...
  4. ico

    IIT Madras Treasure Hunt "Kryptyk"

    People who had participated earlier in IIT-D's Krypton already know what to do.... If they're interested, then they can surely register here: * and start solving. :D I'll start solving tomorrow. Waiting for dreamcatcher, Ecko, Pathik and other guys.
  5. mukherjee


    Well,people...can someone tell me about software virtualizers available for windows xp sp2 and their ease of use. has anybody used it?which one?hows the performance? i want to use it for surfing net actually..getting a lot of spyware and trojan attacks these days,thought of solving the problem...
  6. B

    CD-Rw is not reading

    hi crackers my cd drive is unable to read or write.....even though it has detected in my computer and device manager. it is allowing me to insert a cd and eject it....but it was not reading any contents of the cd's can anybody help me in solving this problem....
  7. S

    Restart my pc.

    I hve a p-4 based pc. when I m working with pinnacle & Nero that time my pc. automically restarted. What is the prob. how can I solving the prob.
  8. A

    Advice needed

    Please Give Me Some advice on what projects i can udertake in college related to Information Technology that have got some prctical use or help in solving some persisting practical problem related to hardware or software anything
  9. V

    OS Problem Solving....?

    Hi All.... NowDays In My college We've prepared for one Event Operating System problem solving. Now Can Ne1 Help Me And Post him/her Problems Which Are Usually Occured in use of Our OS.. And If you've solution also then plese post it also with problem... We include Os...
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