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  1. S

    open solaris

    im doing project on open solaris so i need details on it,i search in internet but couldn't be satisfied,i need full details on open solaris like history,process management,memory management (tough to find in details ),file system,I/O etc is there any one could help me for my project
  2. S

    mobile broadband

    How can one configure tata photon plus broadband in open solaris:?:
  3. esumitkumar

    Anybody installed Solaris 10 ??

    Hi I have Mandriva One and Windows XP installed . I want to install Solaris 10 on my laptop to practise SQL and Unix..Can anybody guide me how to delete Mandriva and dual boot windows XP + Solaris 10 ? Does any distribution of Linux comes with pre installed SQL ?
  4. chicha

    310-200 solaris part 1 dumps

    where can i download free dumps for 310-200 dumps for sun solaris 10 i have googled and found many but they were all paid or only trial versions type. please help
  5. chitvan

    can i install open solaris 10 with Ubuntu 8.04?

    i have win xp sp2 & ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron in my PC, can i install open solaris 10 without removing Ubuntu 8.04? i have free space of 5GB...
  6. T

    Trouble in solaris 10 installation

    Whenever I try to install Solaris 10 on this PC with PIV processor, 512MB Ram , the installation seems to get stuck after showing Extracting Windowing system , please wait..... It remains the same even after 10-13 minutes. What is the reason?
  7. praka123

    Open Solaris thread:-

    Any One tried OpenSolaris CD? I am thinking of installing it on hdd.livecd takes ages to complete Gnome :rolleyes: .I heard it is supposedly going to be userfriendly and got Debian's apt ported for software management (project Indiana?) :rolleyes...
  8. Dark Star

    OpenSolaris 2008.05 Released

    From dorm room to boardroom. OpenSolaris has everything you need to take your brilliant idea, build a prototype, test it, deploy it, and run it on production servers -- out of a loft, or across your enterprise. And when your application goes viral, you won't have to throw hardware at the...
  9. grendel

    Suggest me a Unix OS

    Hi, Please recomend me a Unix operating system, which is better Solaris or Darwin, is there any other Pure Unix OS. And how about drivers and codecs for these os are these available freely , I can see nvidia drivers for Solaris but not for darwin.
  10. MetalheadGautham

    Ubuntu Hardy Alpha Outperforms Windows Vista Ultimate in NVIDIA Workstation Benchmark

    Well, you may not believe that these days, Windows Vista Ultimate is loosing to Ubuntu Linux in what was once said to be the thing the Redmond Operating System is best at - Graphics. Here is a benchmark test for nVidia's Quadro FX1700 512MB on Canonical Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 5, Sun Solaris...
  11. T


    Hi Everybody, If any one needs a full free Sun Solaris Operating System DVD as free, please go here and fill in the details, you will be shipped with a free DVD in one month time. Source :~snipped~ That is what this site says. Try your good luck.
  12. N

    abouy sun solaris download operating system

    hello friends Is free shipping sun solaris operating system still going on or its closed down, and secondly is download speed fast through their sun download manager bcz downloading 10 gb os at 150-200kbps speed will take atleast 2 days, wht s the price of solaris os with star office 8...
  13. praka123

    OpenSolaris will challenge Linux says Sun

    Read Complete news
  14. Gigacore

    Grab ur Solaris 10 DVD now!!!

    Well this is a limited time free shipping of Solaris 10 from Sun.. I ordered Solaris 10 OS as my first option.... Grab it before, stocks last.
  15. Gigacore

    Free OS Downloads!!!

    Here are few OpenSource rarely found OSes... This is completely legal as its almost linux. The most famous found is Solaris 10! Linux geeks can give a try. Some of this OSes are ideal to run on P2 or P3 which u r not using. AROS AtheOS Cefarix Chaos CP/M Darwin DCP Debian...
  16. M

    Compiz coming to solaris

  17. koolbluez

    Help a friend... Solaris any1...

    One of my friends is quite good in Solaris, the Unix OS of Sun Microsystems, but has no experience. He needs a job in that field and is looking for really good consultancies to post him/help him out. Can any1 help him out? Point to a good consultancy or help in whatever way possible. He's in...
  18. hellknight

    Solaris 10

    Hey guys, my package of Solaris 10 arrived yesterday. I'll install it but i've one problem, will openSUSE's bootloader will be able to detect it, or else what should I do, i really like that animated splash screen of SUSE so don't wanna miss that...
  19. wizrulz

    NEWBEE here...

    hello members, I might be a older member on digit forum but my first ever post in OPEN SOURCE....i have not ever used or posted here in any thread :(... i have searched forum for answers i want..but could get it...due to amazing seacrh engine .....:x Look i have got SOLARIS 10 DVD...
  20. M

    List of services dependant on inetd

    HI all, I am working on Solaris 10 m/c. Here i want to list the sevices dependent on inetd. On solaris 10 SMF is used to support inetd in place of inetd.conf. Is there any specific command for that? I found one way to read these services, in which i can read the contents of...
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