1. 6Diablo9

    What is difference between Socket 1155 & 1156?

    I know that Socket 1155 the latest socket. Both support second generation icore processors. So why should one opt for the latest instead of older one? Is there any performance gain in it? I was planning to buy AMD processor some time ago but decided to go with i5 2400. But I'm confused...
  2. bajaj151

    Suggest : Multi plug Extension

    I am currently using 2*LOCAL Multi plug extension having five 3pin socket (2 sockets not working) :( I need more sockets... What should I do... 1) Buy: Buy Belkin F9E800Zb2M-Gry 8-Out Surge Protector at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews 2) Ask...
  3. anikahead2010

    Power plug question

    My psu came with a Type G power plug. My problem is i don't have Type G sockets at home.Just wanted to know whether i can use Type D power plug with it for which i have sockets at home? Do i need to buy surge protector or sockets for Type G? I don't wanna damage my psu.Thanks for all help...
  4. Ihatemyself

    Macbookpro charger converter for european to Indian sockets?

    Hey .Im buying a macbook pro 13 from europe.I suddenly realized that the sockets they have there are different from India. Can i buy a charger from india and not use a converter? are converters available in india? Will there be any problem from voltage surges?
  5. The Sorcerer

    Warning to all LGA 1156 potential buyers

    Do note I am mentioning this here as prevention is better than cure. Unlike other tech forums I know off, this one seriously need heads up once in a while This was seemed as an isolated incident as toms' hardware initial engineering samples went bust IIRC, other reviewers complained the same...
  6. G

    Connecting two pcs through USB-LAN cabl through Router

    Hi all, actually i hav two desktop PCS....both having XP OS,Ethernet socket ,USB sockets cables-Two Normal Ethernet CAT5(white one),USB cable that came with huwaei modem.I DON HAV CROSS OVER(YELLOW) CABLE. modem: Huwaei MT882 router(BSNL one--USB n LAN with ADSL sockets behind it) i want to...
  7. bikdel

    when will the LGA 775 processor lineup be dropped?

    when is intel going to advance its processors to a new SOCKET... i was disappointed at how quickly the socket 478 got displaced....... anyways when will probably new sockets come up??
  8. P

    160gb external hard drive not recognized

    Hi! I own a Dell XPS 1210 Laptop (C2D 2.0 Ghz - T7200 - 1GB RAM, XP pro, 160GB HDD) & I have my Old desk top - P3 800, 512MB SD RAM, 80GB HDD, Also Loaded with XP (non SP2). On a recent trip to London I bought a Freedom ToughDrive Pro 160GB External HDD (Hard Disk Drive) This works...
  9. S

    PC Config reqd urgently

    Hello everyone, Well i require a config for my PC. I have monitor and kbd/mouse etc. I just need config for CPU and my budget is around 25k to 28k. And i use my computer for gaming, and i work on s/w like max, maya, photoshop etc. My problem is actually i donno which processor to buy as...
  10. tweety_bird_bunny

    which ups to buy n price??

    currently i hav datavision ups....but it doesnt wrk properly...there occurs sometimes short circuting in its sockets... so wanna buy new ups... shud i go for intex??? my budget is approx 2000... plz suggest
  11. I

    **** AMD DDR2 Sockets ****

    Pictures of AMD Future sockets M2 -
  12. A

    best language for sockets programming!!

    hey guyz can anyone tell me which is the best language for sockets programming?? and how many of u are doing some work in sockets programming?? i wanna do it in C++ but dont have header files like->-> netdb.h,sockets.h etc etc from where i can get those??
  13. N

    Laptop memory upgrade

    i was browsing some laptops and i read that some of them had usr accesible memory sockets (SO-DIMMs) located on da under-side of da machine. does this mean that 1 can upgrade da memory by adding chips 2 these sockets? and r these separate frm da regular sockets or just da regular sockets?
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