1. GamerSlayer

    Yuphoria vs Yureka Plus vs Redmi 2 Prime

    I need a phone under 10k and I've managed to shortlist these! Which should I go for and are there better alternatives? P.S. I need a decent battery life and a lot of customization! That is why, I've picked phones with COS. I need the phone to do stuff that a teenager does on his phone, i.e...
  2. K

    Windows OS for latest games ?

    Hello guys i want to buy a cheaper MS Windows OS 64-bit version specially for gaming purpose and do not want to use the pirated one. i'm building amd fx rig and want to play all the latest popular games like BioShock Infinite, Crysis, DOTA 2, farcry, assassin , battlefield 4, watch dogs...
  3. P

    Gaming Laptop at 45k

    I am looking for a decent gaming laptop,and my budget is 45k Max. It should run Most recent games smoothly... Thank you in advance..
  4. prds359

    Suggest an ARCADE action game

    recently i tried Street Fighter X [tekken] .. and am quite addictive to it .. suggest me some similar kind of game with good graphics, that would run smoothly on Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB RAM, ATI RADEON HD 4570 graphics .. Regards :)
  5. M

    Need a PC / Laptop which runs Mac OS X 10.8 smoothly

    hi guys, i am about to upgrade my laptop which i bought 7 years ago. after using so many microsoft OSes from xp till windows 8, i feel i want more .... in terms of feel,stability & performance. i came across few forum where they either assemble parts which runs mac os x smoothly or try to have...
  6. H

    Which To Choose

    I have a Pentium 4 3.0GHZ with PCI x16 1.0 and ASUS P5G-TVM motherboard.........I want to upgrade my gpu. Please tell me which one of the following card will support my motherboard and will run games like Crysis, Battlefield 3 and Max Payne 3 smoothly................................Here are the...
  7. samudragupta

    medal of honor warfighter compatibilty

    Hi Friends, i wanted to preorder medal of honor warfighter from flipkart. but before doing so can you confirm if the game will run smoothly on my system (probably on medium/low settings). below are the specs in my signature... thanks...
  8. D

    chm files

    chm file open in Win 7 or XP mode but a message "Navigation to webpage cancelled" is shown in the contents box. The same file runs smoothly in win xp sp 2. Why is it so? How can I get around the problem?
  9. B

    Facing problem during running fifa12

    Hi!my system specs are given in my signature.. I play bf3,run ,me3 all at ultra, smoothly.. Fifa is my fav ..playing fifa all the year through, since fifa7! i am a big football fan.. Instald fifa12..ran at high with v-sync turned on,2x 1024*768..but the game does not run smoothly...
  10. NoasArcAngel

    Best android table available on the market?

    hey guys i ditched my plan to buy a blackberry playbook ( yea sorry about that ) so i am saving up and i will be buying a table in june. I want to know which is the best android tablet money can buy. the only drawback is that it should have a external kb/ mouse which runs smoothly with many apps...
  11. A

    Is there any 36"-42" tv (specially) plasma which can play live cricket match smoothly

    I saw many Lcd and Led tvs which failed to impress when Live cricket match was played,even Panasonic plasma P42X30D and P42U30D can't play without problem. Wanna buy tv and is there any decent price TV (size 36"-42") which will play live cricket match smoothly. Suggest me.
  12. cute.bandar

    Which of these games would run on a 512kbps connection

    I found a list of free multiplayer games Can someone tell me which of these games would run smoothly on a 512kbps connection Thanks
  13. TheLetterD

    Need a Nettop..URGENT! :@

    Hey there people... I need a netbook..Basically under 15K..The best possible...It should at least run Mozilla 3.5 , Office 2007 Smoothly.. Thanks in advance..Please answer quick __________________________________________________________________ <3 Biloa Terae nakhrae hazaar..Assi terae utae...
  14. Y

    Need Laptop between 8000 to 13000 INR

    Hello friends, I need one laptop which have little bit good configuartion. Old or new doesn't matter... but it should work with windows 7 smoothly. if you have then please reply here... Waiting for your response... Regards, YOGI.
  15. adirawat20

    Which All os will work on this pc. Smoothly

    Hey guys. I am using W7:)) which i got from my Friend but it isn't Running smoothly on my PC. Xp runs fine but this isn't. So i want to ask which all os are good enough to be run on this PC. Specification= Got from Everest home edition. CPU = Intel P4 ,2500 mhz RAM = 512mb X 512mb DDR1. GPU =...
  16. panacea_amc

    aED Downloader

    Hello all, I own Se w550 n run aircel gprs. In my fone, opera mini, mig33, gotalk mobile run smoothly. However, AEd downloader doesnt connect to the net. Plz help. Thanks in advancE
  17. T

    game doesnt run smoothly like before???

    i hve dell studio 1555 wid 4 gb ram n 512mb ati 4570 graphics...i installed need for speed ran vry smoothly for first few days bt nw it tends to stuck little while playing...da same is happening wid virtual tennis 2009 also doesnt run smoothly as bfore....i hve scanned...
  18. R

    A A A A A A A A A system re-starts again and again .Thermal Paste procedure!!

    Hi, Guys!! My System Configuration: Celeron Processor: 3.06 GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte 945 DDR2 : 512 Seagate HDD: 80 GB DVD ROM: LG Problems: My system is in the top floor of a concrete building. The temperature is really high in the room because of the continual exposure to the sun. I...
  19. G


    Sir, I want to purchase a new PC.....(GAMING) I Just want suggestion for Motherboard & Processor... Budget(motherboard + processor) = Rs 10,000. I want to go with AMD Phenom X3 tri core processor and asus M3N78 motherboard with NVIDIA GeForce 8200 Chipset... But i am confused...
  20. G

    AGP Graphics Card for Sale

    I have an NVidia 5500 FX AGP 8X card for sale. features: - 1] 256 MB DDR Graphic Memory 2] AGP 8X 3] pixel Shader 2 4] Runs Vista Ultimate smoothly. Can use Aero. 5] DirectX 9c 6] OpenGL v1.5 7] Core clock speed 300Mhz D-SUB 1 DVI 1 TV-Out S-Video Out VIVO No...
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