Facing problem during running fifa12

Hi!my system specs are given in my signature..
I play bf3,run ,me3 all at ultra, smoothly..
Fifa is my fav ..playing fifa all the year through, since fifa7!..as i am a big football fan..
Instald fifa12..ran at high with v-sync turned on,2x aa..at 1024*768..but the game does not run smoothly while playing a match..the game does nt hang,but there is a prob..when i play at low,still the prob persist a bit..why is it so?help needed badly..:-(

Reply guys.

Instald a patch today..its running better nw..


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Problem with the game. I guess, the patch you installed sorted it out.
This may sound lame and a cliché, but try and update your graphics card drivers for a change. And if your FIFA is yarr edition, things like this can happen... :-D


i have the latest drivers. .my fifa versn is ea version 1.0..
i have another query- in nfs run,in the industrial and forest area races. .the industries and trees . .which are far away dont appear initialy,when i go near them,they appear. .why is it so??pls advice..
i am playing in ultra Settings pretty smoothly though ..
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