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  1. Nanducob

    [India]ban on loose cigarettes to deter smoking

    source:India moves toward ban on loose cigarettes to deter smoking
  2. koolent

    I am a non smoker an I bought a lighter.. Cool uses needed..

    Hizz.. First I want you all to know that I am a strict non-smoker.. Well, Being a non-smoker I bought a lighter, thats crazy bt this one is cool and also has a torch !! Well, I don't smoke so, I need some cool uses of a lighter, I know it sometimes can double as a sefety device though ...
  3. MatchBoxx

    Nokia N8-01 or N801!

    Awesum cool phn! :)) Nokia N8-01 (801?) leaks on video, looks smoking hot - GSMArena.com news
  4. Stuge

    Michael Phelps Bing bong -> Caught with smoking bong

    http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/150832/14-times-Olympic-gold-medal-winner-Michael-Phelps-caught-with-bong-cannabis-pipe.html http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/sports/BO103786/
  5. K

    Hookah smoking:Myth OR Reality??

    Is it true that hookah smoking is safer than smoking cigarettes:confused: and also that Flavoured hookah which comes in different flavours like vanilla,chocolate etc when smoked has no tobacco content in it:-? PS: Dnt smoke hookah but wanted to know excatly what it has cozz frnds who smoke say...
  6. K

    Would you adhere to the new smoking ban in public places?

    What does the new smoking ban in public places mean to you? One of the most controversial law in moderm times is being implemented from today. I think we have equal number of smokers and non smokers in our country, and the debate would rage on and on. Are you a smoker? Would you quit smoking...
  7. preshit.net

    A new blog from a bunch of guys from this community

    What happens when a bunch of guys, who share the same passion for something, come together and work hard on creating something? The outcome is legendary. Microsoft, Google, Apple, Twitter - they all did it. Similarly, a bunch of us from this community, who shared the same passion for a...
  8. iMav

    A humble plea.

    Hey guys, As you all know passive smoking is as dangerous if not more than smoking itself, people around us smoke, that affects us also, the 1 who smokes doesn't want to quit for himself but he should realize that his acts not only affect him but those around him, the children, the elders. I am...
  9. s18000rpm

    Quit Smoking

    [click the pic & watch the video]
  10. fun2sh

    Smoking!!!!!! Why????

    YESTERDAY WAS WORLD ANTI-TOBACCO DAY. so i m starting this thread so that u all can give ur views abt smoking n how and what u can do to help others to QUIT smoking. it really hurts me when i see a lot of youngsters smoking. Even many of my friends do n it really hurts me.:cry: :cry: :cry...
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